10 Entrepreneurship Speakers You Must Need in Your Event

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Chief Michael Ubogu,CEO Micura Services Limited
Agatha Amata,CEO Rave TV
Prince Efemena Elutabe,President Freestan Clubs International
Pastor Bello Sonny


Gabriovoice.com is one of the fast-growing online media in Nigeria specifically promoting entrepreneurs and leaders across the globe. It is a medium to bring ordinary people to limelight through in-depth research on each individual’s track records. These are successful grassroots entrepreneurs who started from scratch and made astronomical successes in their called passions in life .They are reliable, trustworthy and affordable to any organized event if invited in Nigeria and abroad. Their entrepreneurship legacies in recent times are worthy of commendation to the core. These are 10 tested and trusted entrepreneurs you must need in your event or seminar:

  1. Chief Michael Ubogu is the Chief Executive Officer of Micura Services Limited and a multiple award-winning maritime expert-cum entrepreneur, who has employed over 5000 workers both direct and indirect in his company. He is one of the fast-rising maritime entrepreneurs doing pretty well in speaking engagement particularly entrepreneurial leadership. He has in-depth knowledge of how to grow small medium businesses to conglomerate in Africa. He is a man you need to spice your event or seminar on entrepreneurial leadership.
  2. Agatha Amata is the Chief Executive Officer of Inside-Out Media Limited, owners of Rave TV, Trend 100.9FM and other blue chip companies to her credit. She recently retired from Inside-Out with Agatha,a programme she started at the age of 28 and meritoriously retired at 48 and after 20 years of talking on TV. She is a renowned successful media entrepreneur to the core. She is a tested and trusted entrepreneur with intimidating successes in the media industry for two decades. She remains a woman to be invited to spice any event or seminar for entrepreneurial leadership in Nigeria and abroad.
  3. Prince Efemena Elutabe is the President of Freestan Clubs International and a multiple award-winning motivational speaker cum chartered accountant. His grassroots club is fast-becoming a club to reckon with in the Nigerian football community due to his numerous successes recorded by the club in recent times. He has what it takes to be invited in any organized event as a creative speaker with proven track records.
  4. Tony Aspire Kolawole is the CEO of Aspire Properties Limited and a fast-rising award-winning entrepreneurship speaker who has knack for property investment in Nigeria. His recent intimidating success in property investment is worthy of emulation to young entrepreneurs in Nigeria. He is young and energetic in business and ready to give his best in any event invited to speak as a guest speaker. He remains one of the best in his generation.
  5. Alex Great is the CEO of Passion House, an NGO that deals on environmental cleanliness in Nigeria and Africa. He is an author with a difference. He is an advocate of climate change in Africa. He has dined and wined with various government officials and institutions across the globe and remains a creative speaker on environmental cleanliness in Africa.
  6. Pastor Sonny Bello is a trained policy expert cum clergy. His proficiency in motivational speaking is worthy of commendation. He has received many awards to his credit. He remains one of the sought after speakers on small medium businesses in Africa.
  7. Daniel Alabrah is the current special adviser on public affairs to the Bayelsa State governor. He is a trained political scientist cum journalist. He has a knack for network marketing in Nigeria.
  8. John Kome is the first Nigerian to bring network marketing (GLND) into the country. He is a creative entrepreneur cum author with difference.
  9. Pastor Austeen Nlemchukwu is the CEO of AISS ventures cum motivational speaker with capacity. He is one of those that starting entrepreneurial leadership in Nigeria. He has made generational leaders across the globe over the years and remains an entrepreneurship advocate with integrity.
  10. Dr.Amos Obi is an international accomplished entrepreneurship speaker cum author. He has vast knowledge in digital entrepreneurship in training youths on small scale businesses and how to succeed in life. He is renowned in his entrepreneurial leadership in Africa.


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