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You Lead Well When You Read Well Says Success Haruna


Managing Director of Success Speaks International, mutilple award-winning motivational speaker cum author, Success Haruna has called on both Nigerian leaders and youths to read their books and being updated with current leadership realities, adding that only good readers can make good leadership progress to the people.

According to this creative leadership consultant whose professional flare to help teach CEOs and their staff on entrepreneurial leadership to grow their companies said, it is unfortunately that blacks don’t read books and many preferred to spend money on data to browse on facebook with other social media platforms to do irrelevant things of life that do not add economic value to their lives.

“Readers make good leaders” but in our African world here, the reverse is the case. I have written several books on leadership and entrepreneurship and reading voraciously has helped me to build my reading career over the years. You can only be a good public speaker when you read good books in life. I have written 15 books and have 70 books to be published soon. Reading is my hobby in life. A reader is greater than the author and reading exposes the mind of the author.

If you want to make success in life, you must read good books and align yourself with the right people and when you do what great people do, you will be great in life. Every success has principle attached to it.

Speaking further, Haruna said, on his ministry, God called me to add leadership values to the people in Africa. My newly found company does not prevent me from my ministerial works. I teach my members on the undiluted word of God and principles of greatness in succeeding in their passion in life. God does not call me to be an idle preacher or teacher but to add entrepreneurial values to the world. In ministry, young pastors must be truly ensured of their callings, be focused and do what God asked them to do in life.

Success Speaks International is a registered company that focuses on Public Speaking, Personal Development, Time management, Business Training(Recruitment and performance Assessment),Psychology of Leadership, work Ethics,Branding,the Psychology of Peak Performance and Emotional intelligence amongst others.

As a young entrepreneur, don’t be afraid to start small and start from where you are? There are small businesses you can start with little money and you become a millionaire if you are consistent. Every young entrepreneur must have this nursing ambition on his or her back, be determined and focused helped in bringing your dream to reality. Start with what you have to become somebody in life. Wealth demands sacrifice, so for you as a person to get to the top, you must make relevant sacrifices to succeed in life. You can only be like Dangote or greater in life when you start inventing new things to upgrade your career or business.

There are three ways people learn in life; people learn by observation, people learn by learning and learn by correction. As a teacher and leadership consultant, I believe in learning from great people in life. You lead well when you read well in life.

My candid advice to young pastors and entrepreneurs in Nigeria is that, they must humble themselves to mentorship if they must succeed in life. Mentorship or fatherhood to guide you as a person on career progression, he added.


Success Haruna


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