15 Excellent Services of Micura Services Limited

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15 Excellent Services of Micura Services Limited

Micura Services Limited was incorporated in 2007 with offices in Lagos and Calabar.It is a full stevedoring services company and fully registered with the Nigerian Safety and Maritime Safety and Maritime Services Administration. It is a company that has offered over 5000 workers both direct and indirect in Nigeria. It is headed by Chief Michael Orobosa Ubogu, a Delta-born maritime entrepreneur cum award-winning philanthropist.15 Excellent Services of Micura Services Limited are:

  1. Micura Services Limited provides labour and machines for loading and unloading all types of cargoes.
  2. Micura Services Limited provides bulk bagging.
  3. It provides equipment leasing for clients.
  4. It has professional staffers to the core.
  5. It provides professional outsourcing manpower across the globe.
  6. It has handled services of many maritime companies in Nigeria till date.
  7. It has clients ‘relationship services.
  8. Micura Services limited services are prompt to clients.
  9. It is a recognized maritime company to patronize in Africa and beyond.
  10. Micura Services Limited is into the business of importation of used cars, trucks and buses.
  11. It has offices in Portharcourt, Lagos, Calabar, Ogun and Kwara States.
  12. It provides fertilizers to both subsistence and commercial farmers across Nigeria.
  13. It provides shipments for clients.
  14. Staffers are paid before 30th of each month.
  15. It provides humanitarian services to the poor (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Note:Micura Services Limited is one of the best stevedoring company to patronize in Africa.



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