15 Reasons to Attend Bonanza 2018 with Bishop Umunna

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Bishop Umunna



One of the gospel end of the year events that has always inspired my life for greatness and planning towards every new year is’ Bonanza’, a programme set aside by Bishop Leonard Umunna to free the oppressed and received unimaginable blessings of God.

Bible Life Church Cathedral is one of the oldest Pentecostal churches in Nigeria and Ajegunle that has been consistent with God’s love for mankind and humanity.

 “Bonanza 2018 theme is Ruling and Slaying Giants which will run from 23rd to 26th December at  Successland campground, opposite Leonard Umunna College, off Bible Life/Fasasi road via Wilmer or New Road Bus Stop,Olodi-Apapa Lagos and it is 6pm daily. There is going be expository teaching, high praises& worship, drama, prophecies, testimonies, choreography, healing etc.There are 20 reasons to attend Bonanza 2018

  1. It is a refreshing programme that gives insight on future careers among adults and youths.
  2. The oppressed are delivered.
  3. It prepares every attendee to know how to prepare for the New Year.
  4. It is a programme that teaches you how to make and manage wealth in life.
  5. It is an event that teaches Christians how to build faith in Christ when in crisis.
  6. Kingdom of darkness is exposed.
  7. Christians are taught to trust in God
  8. Bonanza teaches you the importance of knowing Christ as a believer.
  9. It teaches you on how to use your talent to serve God faithfully in life.
  10. Bonanza is a programme with overflowing miracles, prophecies and testimonies,
  11. Drama and Choreograph are used to interpret God’s love for believers.
  12. Bonanza is another progressive Ajegunle church programme that draws people together to listen to undiluted word of God from the refined servant preacher.
  13. Every Bonanza item is a blessing to every attendee
  14. Bishop Leonard Umunna is consistent with his calling
  15. Bonanza has come to stay in Africa.




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