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50 Unbeatable Potentialities of Hon.Rita Odichinma Orji

Hon.Rita Orji

“Great people create legacies for people to learn after them”-Godday Odidi

For the past 8years I have known Hon.Rita Orji through Mindset Media Achievers Excellence Awards now Africa Mindset Media Excellence Awards, hardly I have seen her kind of politician that is down-to- earth and ready to associate with the commoners without fear of being killed or assassinated by the unknown. As a real catholic faithful, she believes that only God that has the power to take life not any mortal. She is gradually rewriting the political history of Ajegunle politics through her positive representation at the National Assembly since 2015.There are 50 unbeatable potentialities of Hon.Rita Orji you must know now:

  1. Hon.Rita Orji is happily married and blessed with wonderful children.
  2. She is a creative thinker.
  3. She is a staunch PDP member cum financial leader.
  4. She is a brilliant female politician that is well-composed when it comes to political matters.
  5. She is a politician of one face.
  6. She is vocal in the National Assembly.
  7. She is intelligent and bold.
  8. She fears no mortal than God her mighty creator.
  9. She has initiated several articulated bills in the floor of the National Assembly.
  10. She is a pace-setter.
  11. She is creative in grassroots politics.
  12. She has executed several projects in her constituency projects for the past 2 years and 10months.
  13. She is bright and energetic in political development in Nigeria.
  14. She is a trained lawyer to the core.
  15. She is a master’s degree holder and PhD in view.
  16. She is a Christian.
  17. She is a party leader with pedigree.
  18. She is a voracious reader and information researcher.
  19. She is one politician that has interest for social and conventional media promotion.
  20. She does not listen to gossip from black sheep followers or politicians.
  21. She is a woman of destiny and integrity.
  22. She represents the masses (Senior Advocate Masses).
  23. She is humble.
  24. She does not believe in politics of propaganda than legacy politics.
  25. She represents the face of Ajegunle at the National Assembly.
  26. She is a cheerful giver.
  27. She believes in God always.
  28. She is a sports enthusiast and healthy living promoter.
  29. She is a renowned entrepreneur that has love for entrepreneurial development in Nigeria.
  30. She is a determined politician that always goes for the best.
  31. She is a detribalized politician that hates ethnical politics.
  32. She loves education.
  33. She is a good listener and political arranger when it comes to grassroots politics.
  34. She is a brave woman.
  35. She is transparent.
  36. She has a magnanimous mindset in humanitarian services in Ajegunle.
  37. She is a straight-forward person that hates cheating on people unjustly or political oppression.
  38. She is a philanthropist.
  39. She is a technocrat.
  40. She is a caring mother.
  41. She is a career politician.
  42. She is neat.
  43. She believes so much in youth advocacy and entrepreneurship.
  44. She is not a political pretender.
  45. She is not rigid but strict in political matters and don’t like eye service people with two faces.
  46. She is accessible to the core.
  47. She is the heart of grassroots politics in Africa.
  48. She has a bright future in modern politics in Africa.
  49. She is ever-smiling with her electorate.
  50. She is a contented personality that values good works and people around her.




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