20 Most Sought After Isoko Pastors in Nigeria and Abroad

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 “Only the living beings are celebrated while alive”.-Godday Odidi

Isoko nation is fast-reckoning within the gospel world in recent times. It was never a mistake when the Holy Bible fell in Isoko, particularly Araya Town in Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State over decade’s ago. Its spiritual inclination has not just helped in birthing many Isoko sons and daughters into the kingdom of grace but also brought heavenly recognition to the region. These clergies were carefully selected to spur other Isoko clergies to grow in ministerial works through grace. These clergies have been regularly appearing in different media platforms to propagate the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ, advising political and entrepreneurial leaders with commanding influences at all levels.

When it comes to media evangelism, using twitter handle, facebook, website, emails, text messages, YouTube, Live streaming, newspapers, radio and Television stations, Whatsapp and other media platforms to propagate the Lord Jesus Christ, these clergies have equally demonstrated high intellectual evangelism in leading their flock to heaven. They have equally made Isoko nation proud in their callings and comparatively rubbing minds with global clergies of repute. Their calling into the kingdom of God ranges from miracles, curse-breaking, healing, teaching, preaching, marriage counseling and attracting people with such problem. Their influences have gone beyond the church walls with multiple awards to their credits. In no particular order, they include:


  1. Bishop Isaac Ogbeta is a USA-based prophet of the end-time ministry with special calling in curse-breaking and teaching the word of God with humility and holiness. He is the presiding bishop of International Pentecostal Churches Worldwide and Worldwide Relief Organization. Bishop Ogbeta was one of the first clergies that brought crusade revival and curse-breaking into the Pentecostal ministry in Isokoland.He left Isoko region over 30 years ago for USA to equip himself spiritually and physically to acclimatize with modern ministerial teachings. He has written over 30 books, sold over 40 million dollars, per book at $20, recently acquired a brand new jet for evangelical works and propagating the good news of His kingdom. His media followers are over 3million viewing his messages on YouTube and TV broadcast across Europe. His books are sold in different languages including Chinese. He is highly connected across the globe.
  2. Bishop Michael Marioghae is the presiding bishop of Evangelical Ark of Mission (Team Ministries International) based in Quezon City, Philippines.His branches are sited in Asia, Europe etc.He is a celebrated author, conference speaker, consultant, and TV host, adviser to world leaders, educator, apostle and prophet. He is from a royal family in Aviara Town in Isoko South LGA of Delta State and a graduate of University of Jos and had two doctorate degrees from abroad. His media followers (YouTube) are over 2million on daily basis and his teachings centre on holiness and humility.
  3. Archbishop Christian Aggrey Ovwoma Apena(JP++) is the presiding of Bethesda Gospel Church international and father of Delta clergies. Born 86 years to a family of believers and spiritually equipped him with conventional education to the core. He is the first man of God to become Delta Pentecostal Reverend and first Isoko archbishop and also consecrating bishops into the exalted office of His kingdom over the years till date. He has received several awards to his credit, written many books and called into preaching salvation and winning souls for Christ.
  4. Bishop John Okeoghene Afareha is the Catholic Bishop of Warri Dioceses,St. Anthony Catholic church, Ugborikoko, Effurun, Delta State. Born 70 years ago to a family of Catholics and equipped with sound education. He is one Isoko man of God that has love for making Isoko nation great again. He believes in uniting Isoko pastors together will go a long way in setting captives free and nothing more. Planning to set up a Christian university in Isokoland.
  5. Archbishop Professor Godknows Onibere is the presiding bishop of Bride of Jesus Ministry International and a professor of Christian Religious Studies Obafemi Awolowo University. He is a spirit-filled preacher and author of many books from circular to religion. He has travelled far and wide in preaching the word of God and academic assignments.
  6. Pastor Mazino Abraham Egbuwoko is one of the Isoko young pastors that came from a wealthy political background of the Emede-Town in Isoko South LGA in Delta State. He is the founder of Tree by the River Church (a.k.a Christ city).Preaching on end-time message and how to make heaven as a believer. He is presently viewed on some popular National Television stations like Silverbird and others preaching on salvation. He is not carried away by the world but interested on the last day.
  7. Bishop Simeon Okah is the presiding bishop of Flock of Christ Mission International, having branches across Delta State and beyond. He is a prosperity preacher with passion for Christ. He has made Isoko nation proud in all ramifications. He is a clergy with large heart. Written many motivational books and received several awards to his credit.
  8. Bishop John Aruakpor is the Bishop of Oleh Dioceses, Anglican Church. He is an orator of the bible and one Isoko clergy that is disciplined on the pulpit. He has a very powerful ministerial connection from the Northern region and has been honoring Isoko sons and daughters on different meritorious achievements over the years till date.
  9. Apostle M.T.O Oki (JP+) is the general overseer of Christ Chosen Deliverance Church International and one of the fast-growing Isoko prophets to reckon within the gospel world. He is called into the prophetic ministry giving accurate prophecies to government officials and Christian bodies across the globe. He has recorded high patronage of government officials from Delta State and beyond seeking for one spiritual favour and the other.
  10. Bishop Matthew Egowa is one of the high-flying Church of God Mission bishops deciding some of highly spiritual decisions of the church over the years. He has mentored many sons and daughters from different churches across the globe. Most of his spiritual sons called him ‘Daddy’. He is one of the Isoko pastors who recently made a move to unite Isoko pastors for global unity and national recognition in Lagos. He is a philanthropic clergy with large heart.
  11. Pastor Kome John is one of the fast-growing Isoko entrepreneurial clergies traversing from one country to another speaking on different entrepreneurial seminars and how to be financially empowered as a minister of God. His media followers are overwhelming on twitter and YouTube across the globe. He is 5 Diamond Director of Golden Neo-Life Diamite International (GNLD), a researched herbal drug bringing solutions to health problems in Africa and beyond. He is an international motivational speaker.author, pastor, entrepreneur, inspirational leader and award-winning writer.
  12. Bishop (Barr) Gimbright Adiagho is presiding Bishop of Adiagho Foundation Gospel Crusade (a.k.a Jesus is Lord Mission International).He is a sound preacher that commands respect in Delta State and Isoko region. He is a preacher with distinction and man of God with large heart in Kingdom assignment.
  13. Pastor Friday Eduzoube is the general overseer of Good Shepherd Covenant Ministries and he is the Isoko David Oyedepo and David Ibeyiomie of our time. A trained lawyer turned pastor, whose spiritual calling remains number one in Isoko.His messages are from the Holy Spirit, young, bold and dynamic in God’s presence. His sound messages draws political, entrepreneurial and religious class to him across Delta, Bayelsa, Lagos and other cities of Nigeria.
  14. Bishop Michael Okpokpor is the presiding bishop of Covenant Faith Proof Ministry, a.k.a City of Truth, based in Yenogoa Bayelsa State. He is spiritually filled with the Holy Spirit and also experienced large patronage of political class both in Delta and Bayelsa States in recent times. He is a bold preacher of repute depopulating the kingdom of darkness with special anointing.
  15. Prophet Ernest Erowa Untountable is the first Isoko pastor in Isoko to open a cable TV called’Untountable TV recently relocated the headquarters of the church to Abuja and made Ozoro in Isoko North LGA as regional headquarters. He is young and dynamic to the core. He is blessed with prophetic ministry and one of the youngest traveled Isoko pastors in the world.
  16. Bishop (Barr) Oteri is the present presiding bishop of Gospel Church of Christ and a sound preacher on holiness and prosperity. He commands respect on the pulpit and over the years extended his ministerial invitations to major Isoko pastors and non-Isoko pastors like Bishop Simeon Okah, Bishop Egowa,Bishop Isaac Idahosa,Bishop Matthew Omodiagbe and others to promote Isoko nation and God’s kingdom. He is kind-hearted with creative mindset. His messages are viewed on YouTube and Live-streaming on regular basis. He is one of the foundational members gathering all Isoko pastors together to fight for common cause of greatness and unity of Isoko Nation.
  17. Pastor Vicky Igbokwe is the Associate Senior Pastor of Faithlife Christian Centre based in Ajegunle,Lagos State. She is among the first 20 Nigerian women speaking on singles and married seminar in Africa and beyond. She has received several awards to her credit and woman married with children and hails from Ivrogbo-Irri Town in Isoko South LGA of Delta State. She is one of the female pastors supporting widows’ ministry in Ajegunle.
  18. His Most Eminence Prophet(Dr) Michael Ebahor Erebi is one of the high-flying Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim clergies in Lagos, particularly Ajegunle.Born over 87 years ago, very strong in the work of God.Daddy looks younger than his age. He has spiritually affected sons and daughters across the globe through his prophetic solutions to mankind.
  19. Pastor Sylvester Matthew is the general overseer of Divine Rock Joy Assembly international, particularly based in Ajegunle.He is from Ellu Kingdom in Isoko North LGA of Delta State and his regular Thursday programme has become a solution ground for those seeking for one spiritual problem or the other. He is called into the teaching ministry and a young philanthropic clergy with good heart.
  20. Apostle Clement Ogoro is the general overseer of Christian Elect Centre International and one of the highly connected Isoko pastors in Nigeria and abroad. He now stays two months in Nigeria and goes to USA on regular basis to preach the word of God. He is more honored in Abroad than Nigeria. Born over 50 years ago to a notable family of Ogoro(Senator Stella Omu,nee Ogoro of Ada-Irri Town of Isoko South LGA of Delta State.

We have other Isoko pastors doing well in the gospel of Jesus Christ like, Prophet Monday Gold,Rev.Dr.E.O Akpata,Bishop Peters Andrew,Rev.Dr Ben Peters, Bishop Prince Edugbo, Pastor Solomon Eto,Pastor Solomon Omohowo,Pastor Silas Buowe,Bishop Eto,Pastor Eto,Evang Ede,Apostle Joseph Ovedhe,Pastor Festus Ejete and others. It is time to support Isoko pastors to grow at all levels through finance and prayers. We must promote ourselves in positive limelight, even though we are not members of these churches founded by Isoko pastors, we must learn to support them when the need arises. Those pastors in Nigeria we admire today never got to that level of ministerial growth without their indigenes not supporting their visions.Isoko people must wake up to support their own now and avoid finding faults or mistakes among our God-gifted Isoko clergies.




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