20 Philanthropic Legacies of Sir.Jerry Wanodi

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“Legacy is a product of greatness on earth”-Godday Odidi


CEO-Sir.Jerry Wanodi,Porshe Oil Group of Companies,aka Aliche Ishimini 1 of Ozuaha Kingdom of Rivers State


One of the fast-rising oil and gas magnates in Africa,Sir.Jerry Wanodi,Chief Executive Officer of Porshe Oil  Group of Companies, whose philanthropic legacies have earned many accolades around the world. He has respect for great ministers of God and today, Bishop Isaac Idahosa,founder of Godfirst Ministries International aka Illumination Assembly is the spiritual father. His philanthropic legacies are:

  1. He has respect for ministers of God in Africa.
  2. He is humble and creative in business.
  3. Sir.Jerry Wanodi has passion for building and promoting God’s works.
  4. He is an intelligent compere with humility
  5. He has respect for community leaders in his village.
  6. He is a global oil and gas magnate.
  7. He loves travelling for business engagement around the world.
  8. He has large social media followers (Instagram,Facebook and others).
  9. He loves worshipping God with his entire mind.
  10. He is a man of the people.
  11. He has contributed greatly to the oil and gas sector in terms of job creation.
  12. He appreciates good professional service to his personality.
  13. He is one man that likes Children.
  14. He has offer many scholarships to less-privileged students.
  15. He is a magnanimous giver.
  16. He is a listener and one man that take corrections.
  17. He is a caring family man with integrity.
  18. He is an entrepreneur that believes in risk taking with result.
  19. Sir.Jerry Wanodi cares for the old people
  20. He has global corporate knowledge in business.







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