2019 is a Year of Ruling and Slaying Giants-Bishop Umunna

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 Bishop Leonard Unmunna,Presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral Worldwide(BLCC)and one of the renowned God’s generals whose prophetic utterances on National Leadership in Nigeria and Africa over the years, has never been faulted by any media house or social critics. He recently called on Nigerians to rededicate their lives to Christ, adding that, 2019 holds many keys of prosperity and slaying giants that refused to give up in life.

Speaking to the congregation at the victory to victory night of the church to herald the blessings of God for His children, Bishop Umunna who read some few scriptural verses from Deuteronomy 2:24 and Exodus 23:20, said it is a year that dedicated Christians must be proactive not reactive in life. Challenges might come on the process but only those that are ready to take courage would overcome the giants of life.

God shown me that the theme of the church is ‘Ruling and Slaying Giants’ and our just concluded Bonanza programme was a huge success of what God has said it would make many great this year 2019. Those people that have been rejected over the years would be accepted this year by the mighty power of God.

Our relationship with God as Christians must be closer and our lifestyles and eating culture must be readjusted. There are things we must be corrected before involving the devil to it. God has given us the power to tread upon serpents and scorpions and so we must not allow sin to deal in us, he advised.




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