2019: Nigeria Needs Leaders For Real Change not Retaliatory Leaders

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“Real politicians don’t defect but provide solutions to impending crises in their political parties”-Godday Odidi


Having watched Senator David Mark’s 70th birthday bash on AIT news recently, I realized that Nigerian youths are not prepared for real leadership change than allowing old political horses to recycle themselves in power come 2019.

Senator David Mark has been in power since 1999 and having enjoyed the military era in leadership and never allowed the younger generation to take over from his senatorial district in Benue State. No doubt, he is a fine gentle politician that has intellectual integrity in politics. His political loyalty is second to none in Africa. Senator David Mark is one of the strongest party elders of the PDP with unassuming character to the core.

Senator David Mark has fulfilled the biblical age of 70 that God recommended for a man to live on earth, any addition is just a ceremonial age for him. God has helped him to reach the pinnacle of his political career in life.

The most saddening part is that many youths in Nigeria are not interested to read deeply on the history books of political leadership in Nigeria than rooting for old people to be their leaders in 2019.

Before 1963, most Nigerian leaders were in their 20s, 30s and 40s when they took the reign of leadership and made huge successes in uniting the country with one mindset. After 1963 to 1999, leaders at 30s, 40s and 50s took over the reign of leadership and also made huge political and economic successes in the country then.

“Most of these political leaders that took the reign of leadership from 1963 to 1999 were not graduates and only few attended corresponding universities but made huge impacts in leadership of Nigeria. Some had only secondary school certificates, TCII and military trainings to back up their leadership positions in the country then.

From 1999, Nigeria leadership has been rooting for political experiences and educational certificates without looking deeply on the kind of leadership and age limit Nigerians need to enjoy democratic dividends.”

The likes of Obasanjo,Atiku,IBB,Mark,Danjuma,Buhari and others have crossed the age bridge that God recommended for every human being to live on earth. Their political contributions and ideas are just helping us to grow in wisdom and nothing more.

It is time for Nigerians to root for young leaders that would change the economic fortunes of the country not retaliatory leaders or elders that are only interested with power and fame.

“If the likes of Moghalu.Durotoye,Sowore and others can unite themselves for one formidable leadership, Nigeria is heading towards attaining enviable height in national leadership across the globe.”

Again, comparing President Donald Trump of USA might be politically wrong because his country is already built on legendary leadership over the years. He has attained great height in business and leadership etiquettes before contesting for USA presidential election.

Nigerians at this moment need leaders that we bring digital change to the country not giants that have no economic knowledge to move the country forward. Nigerian youths must not reinforce failure through blind leadership and autocratic manifestoes in 2019.Our destinies belong to us all now!





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