25 Quintessential Qualities you must know about Mr. Kennedy Ozofere

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One of the young people whose community leadership style has really convinced me over time since I knew him is, Mr. Kennedy Ozofere, present OPU President Lagos-central. The 25 quintessential Qualities are;

  1. He is very intelligent.
  2. He is creative and resourceful.
  3. He is a trained technocrat with managerial acumen
  4. He is a good listener.
  5. He is a silent philanthropist.
  6. He is an exposed leader with Midas touch.
  7. He hates lies
  8. He has respect for community leaders before and after him.
  9. He carries people along in community leadership.
  10. He is a community leader with good source of income.
  11. He is a man that has love for community development.
  12. He is a community leader that pursues legacy leadership.
  13. He is accountable to community leadership.
  14. He is accessible and reliable.
  15. He is a man full of vision and wisdom to develop Ozoro community in Lagos-central.
  16. He loves education.
  17. He is a creative leader.
  18. He is a man with his words.
  19. He has open-mind for people around him.
  20. He is not stingy when it comes to financial assistance to the less privileged people.
  21. He is an avid reader.
  22. He loves travelling.
  23. He is one man that encourages people around him to grow in life.
  24. He is brilliant.
  25. He believes in God always.





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