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Many youths in Nigeria are now Employers of Labour-Mr.Israel, Team Leader, CMCI


Mr. Israel Ewomazino Omanudhowho is the Chief Executive Officer of ZinoPrints Ventures, one of the fast-growing digital printing houses in Delta state and team leader of Change Makers Club Int’l, an NGO involved in youth development and societal transformation across the globe. He is a clarity coach, writer and social entrepreneur whose intellectual capacity to build youths across the globe to be self-independent in life. In this interview with Gabriovoice.com, he speaks on the need for youths in Nigeria to embrace entrepreneurial leadership and other issues.



Let’s meet you?


I am Israel Ewomazino Omanudhowho, team leader of Change Makers Club Int’l, an NGO involved in youth development and societal transformation; and the CEO of ZinoPrints Ventures, a home of digital printing technology. I am a purpose clarity coach, writer and a vibrant entrepreneur. I am from Otor-Owhe in Isoko North L.G.A., Delta State.


 Tell us about your educational background 


I bagged B.Sc., Food Science and Technology from Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki


What is your core profession? 


Food Science and Technology


 You are seriously involving in youth training and entrepreneurship, what motivated you into this great passion 


I grew up with the belief that, ‘Everyone is somebody’ and so I have over the years involved in making young people to be somebody. I want to make achieve a sane society that is free from abuse and corruption; and seeing every youth achieving his or her purpose here on earth.


 Tell us about your book and writing skills


 Ok, the Turning Point which is my 4th book is all about turning one’s life around for the best. It’s for young people who want to change their life’s situations and impacting their world’s positively.

I started developing my writing skill when I was in secondary school. I remembered always having pen and paper in my pocket anywhere I go, to capture any idea that comes in. I wrote my first book titled: The Hand that Must Succeed in Life when I was in SS3 but published it in my Pre-Degree era in Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki.



 .Isoko youths believe so much in government employment, what is the way forward to eradicate youth cultism and unemployment in the region? 


Yes, but I can say some youths not all because I know many numbers of youths who have ventured into private businesses and they are not waiting for the government to give them jobs. We have those who are employer of labour now. 

The way forward to eradicate cultism and unemployment in this region is for all of us to get a life and get busy with what we can do best-talents. Everyone has a special talent that can make him or her busy with life. Anyone busy with life will not really have time for social vices. We must also teach our generation the essence of hardwork and dedication. So many of us are lazy, we don’t want to work but want to become like Dangote; this is what is pushing many youths into social vices. We must stop this. The government also has a role to play. We need infrastructural development in this region; this will enhance youth drive for entrepreneurship.


What is your success tip on this passion so far?


Reaching over 400,000 youths across the globe annually through our online and offline projects.


 What is your major challenge?


Fear of the Unknown


  Your advice for your youths in Nigeria


Let’s join hands and build a sane society that is free from social vices. Let’s all of us fulfil his or her purpose here on earth and equally support one and another.





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