36 Reasons to Attend Bonanza 2017

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Bishop Umunna
Bishop Umunna



Bishop Leonard Umunna,presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral(BLCC) is one of the clergies that God is using greatly in Ajegunle to depopulate the kingdom of darkness and populate the kingdom of God through his yearly Bonanza programme. The theme of this annual convention is ‘Greater Glory Manfestation’.This is one of the popular Christian programmes in Ajegunle to raise both foot soldiers and heavenly soldiers for kingdom assignment. You don’t need to be told to attend because God’s servant is set for another expository teaching for attendees. There are 36 reasons to attend 2017 Bonanza. It will be holding at Successland opposite Umunna’s college via New road bus stop,Ajegunle Apapa,Lagos on the 23rd-26th Dec 2017,Time:5pm daily, contact numbers:08050709761,08023645059.31st December,2017 Crossover night Time:10pm at the same venue

  1. It is an atmosphere for miracles.
  2. It is a programme that carries in-depth teaching of the word of God.
  3. A training ground for serious believers of the gospel.
  4. A programme for divine restoration and connection.
  5. It is a programme for captives to be set free.
  6. It is an atmosphere of real testimonies.
  7. A programme for revelational knowledge.
  8. A programme to meet great songsters and songstresses for Christ.
  9. Bonanza carries special anointing for Christians that are ready for kingdom exploit in 2018.
  10. It is a programme for kingdom revival.
  11. A programme to meet God’s actors and actresses with passion for kingdom assignment.
  12. A programme for fresh anointing praises and worship.
  13. A programme for all Christians in Nigeria and Africa.
  14. A programme where all Bible Lifers across the globe meet once to strategize for 2018 goals.
  15. A programme for Ajegunle dwellers and beyond.
  16. It builds both young and old ministers for Christ.
  17. It is a programme for kingdom expansion.
  18. Bishop Leonard Umunna is a man of God that has love for humanity.
  19. It is a programme for talent discovery.
  20. It is a well-coordinated programme anchored by professionals on yearly basis.
  21. The venue is big enough to accommodate guests from different churches in Nigeria.
  22. Ushers and Usherettes are well coordinated.
  23. It is a programme for knowledge seekers in God’s kingdom.
  24. A programme that touches every aspect of human being on earth.
  25. It focuses on God’s word not personality praises.
  26. Bonanza means blessings to many in Nigeria.
  27. Bonanza is a platform for entrepreneurs and leaders to set new goals for entrepreneurial expansion.
  28. It is a programme that unites Christian together in Africa.
  29. The programme is connected to live-streaming on facebook and other media platforms(ACBN TV).
  30. It is a programme that exposes the secrets of success in life.
  31. A programme that has been depopulating the kingdom of darkness and populating the kingdom of God over the years.
  32. Bonanza is a praying programme.
  33. A programme for deliverance.
  34. A time conscious programme.
  35. Creative dancers will be displayed on the Bonanza ground for new entrants into the profession to learn new skills at dancing.
  36. It is God’s ordained programme for Christians across the globe.

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