40 Isoko People you must be Proud of in Lagos

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By Godday Odidi

 Over the years, Isoko nation was relegated to the background, only few could identify with their brothers and sisters in Lagos due to gross intimidation from recognized tribes in Nigeria. For parents to teach their children Isoko language or give their children Isoko names were real taboo. Few of the early Isoko settlers in Lagos gave their children Yorubas names to acclimatize with their new found environment. Names like Eko, Alabi, Mallam, Tunde, Yukubu and others with no trace of the Yoruba culture and many Isokos were enamored with Yoruba language and culture. To the extent that many Isokos that wanted to belong to the Yoruba region also gave their daughters in marriage to forfeit all righteousness.

Today, as the world continues to go globally, many Isoko people in Lagos are beginning to know their roots and ready to learn Isoko language. Some Isoko dwelling places in Lagos are Ajegunle,Badagry,Ikorodu and Epe.If you go to these places, you must at least see Isoko people speaking their languages fluently without intimidation from any big tribe in Nigeria. These assessments on the 40 powerful Isoko people do not base on earthly wealth but on value based identification of Isoko nation in Lagos. They have one way contributed to the social development of Isoko nation over the years in Lagos and Delta states.

#1.Chief Michael Orobosa Ubogu is the CEO of Micura Services Limited and one man that has made Isoko nation proud in the maritime sector over the years by employing over 5000 workers both direct and indirect. Any organization that belongs to Isoko or Delta people as far its aims and objectives are genuinely interpreted by the founder, Ubogu is ready to support that vision to the core. He is a man with few words but great achievements. He hails from both Isoko and Ashaka in Delta State.

#2.Ambassador Immanuel Emoefe is the CEO of Portplus Limited and Martha Charity Foundation. He is an international award-winning entrepreneur and businessman with credibility.Though; he is not a flamboyant personality but believes strongly in social development of Isoko nation. Statistics shows that at least 30 percent of people that throng his office to seek for one favour or the other are from Isoko region. He has greatly impacted in both education and a health sector in Isoko.He speaks Isoko fluently without pretence. He is a native of Ikpide-Irri in Isoko South LGA of Delta State.

#3.Mr.Blessyn Okpowo is a seasoned media consultant and philanthropist whose financial commitments to social development of Isoko nation are worthy of emulation. He believes strongly on the oneness and unity of Isoko nation in all ramifications. He speaks Isoko fluently and ready to contribute his widowmite support to any vision that is driving and worth doing well to promote the interest of Isoko nation. He is a native of Idheze-Irri in Isoko-South LGA of Delta State. In recent times, Blessyn as he is popularly called by friends and admirers as’Uwa’, devoting his precious time in posting job vacancies on Isoko social media platforms for Isoko youths to apply and be fully engaged.

#4.Prince Efemena Elutabe is the President of Freeestan Sports Club,non- league side and a great entrepreneur, motivational speaker and a chartered accountant from Ellu kingdom in Isoko North LGA of Delta State. His interest to develop grassroots sports and has helped many Isoko youths to secure great future in life. He is not a pretentious person but a man that loves Isoko people to the core. His various philanthropic gestures are worthy of emulation.

#5.Chief Owho Ovuakporie is the Executive Chairman of Value Hotel and former Area manager, Union Bank,Lagos,who used his enviable position to assist many Isoko youths to secure employment into Union bank. He is the author of ‘Isoko must unite in Jesus Name’. This book gathers all information on successful Isoko people in Lagos and Nigeria with track records. He is one of the founding fathers of Isoko club 2000 in Lagos. He is a man of integrity.

#6.High Chief Paul Odhomor is one of the renowned Isoko philanthropists known in Lagos. At 61, he has contributed largely to the social development of Isoko nation. He hails from Ellu kingdom in Isoko North LGA of Delta State. He is a man that wants the betterment of Isoko nation.

#7.Prince Frank Egbodo is the CEO of Frandys Investment Limited and one man that has single-handedly sponsored Isoko musicians in Lagos and Delta states till date. He deals on foreign doors, kitchen utensils and bank equipment. He is from Umuti Kingdom in Ndokwa East LGA of Delta State.

#8.Fred Edoreh is the chairman Sports Writers Association of Nigeria, Lagos chapter and a renowned sports analyst to reckon with in Nigeria. He is proud to identify with Isoko people in Lagos. He has used his position as SWAN chairman to help Isoko people to host event in the SWAN hall. His social responsibility to see that Isoko nation move forward.

#9.Bovi Ugboma is a popular Nigerian comedian that has made Isoko nation proud in Lagos. He is from Ivrogbo-Irri town in Isoko South LGA of Delta State. He recognizes his root and ready to identify with Isoko people.

#10.Otunba Isaac Emiyede is the President of South-South United Peoples Forum (SSUPF) in Lagos State. He is one of the Isoko recognized politicians in Lagos State. His political pedigree is worthy of emulation. He has able to carry his people along in terms of grassroots leadership over the years.

#11.Daddy Showkey is known in his native name as Chief John Asiemo.He has able to make Isoko nation proud over the years. He is a major defender of Ajegunle ghetto music in Nigeria. He is ready to identify with his Isoko brothers and sisters anytime and any day and hails from Olomoro Kingdom in Isoko South LGA of Delta State.

#12.Cordelia Okpei is a renowned radio presenter and broadcaster that loves to identify herself with Isoko people.Her rich English accent on Metro FM shows her love for Isoko people and beyond.

#13.OPJ diplomatic is one of the seasoned Lagos-Isoko based radio pidgin presenters (Wazobia FM).He has helped many Isoko musicians to promote their music on Wazobia FM.He is from Ibrede town in Delta State.

#14.Chief Chris Olakpe is a retired Assistant Inspector-General of Police and the only Delta man in the Lagos Executive council whom the Lagos State governor, Ambode gave an enviable position to control traffic gridlock in the state. He is a well-disciplined and reputed in discharging his official duty. He is from Idheze-Irri in Isoko South LGA of Delta State.

#15.Sammie Okposo is an Isoko-born multiple award winning international gospel artist whose phenomenal voice and electrifying stage presence never fails to thrill his audience. His musical career started in 1992 when he joined the Nigeria movie industry as a sound track producer. He has made Isoko nation proud in all ramifications.

#16.Chief Steve Ageh is presently running a well-furnished hospitality business in the highbrow area of Amuwo-Odofin and the present first Vice President of IDU,Lagos branch. He is a trained chartered accountant and ready to identify with Isoko people. He is very intelligent when it comes to grassroots politics. He is one of the frontline APC politicians in Amuwo-Odofin that has pedigree to the core. He is from Olomoro in Isoko South LGA of Delta State.

#17.Engr.S.E Okpithe is the immediate past President of Ozoro Progress Union(OPU),Lagos central body and the present 2nd Vice President IDU,Lagos branch. As an oil and gas magnate, he has helped many Isoko youths to secure jobs in multi-national companies in Nigeria. He loves his root.

#18.Engr.Ellu Godwin is the Managing Director Assay Technical Company Nigeria Limited. He is a dedicated executive member of South- South Peoples United Forum in Apapa zone. He is from Ofagbe in Isoko North LGA of Delta State. He is an APC grassroots politician that has a voice in Apapa LGA.He loves his people to the core.

#19.Dr Andrew Elueni is the President of Isoko club 2000 and Managing Director of flawless capital limited, a company he has been managing over the years and has employed some qualified Isoko youths to work with him. He is a job creator to the core. He is from Ozoro Kingdom in Isoko North LGA; Delta State. He is an Isoko APC chieftain.

#20.Mr Ben Odhomi is the CEO Magbenny ventures international that deals on automobile, cements, fish farming, super market, consulting and general contractor. He is very young but has entrepreneurial leadership spirit to liberate Isoko nation from perpetual poverty. He is bold to identify his root.

#21 Engr.Johnny Onozefe is the President of Isoko Country Club and one of the qualified Isoko engineers living in Lagos. He is a man of integrity and hails from Aviara in Isoko South LGA of Delta State.He is a man that loves Isoko people with gold heart.

#22.Sir Vincent Omovusu is the Managing Director of Austin Vins and Partners and the second Isoko man to establish the defunct Isoko newspaper(Isoko news).He is a renowned philanthropist from Oleh in Isoko South LGA of Delta State. He has interest in social development of Isoko nation.

#23.Bishop Matthew Egwowa is one of the highflying ministers of God with the Church of God Mission International. He has recently set up a forum where all Isoko pastors assemble together to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ and help Isoko fellow pastors to grow in ministry.

#24.Deaconess Eunice Awosanya Onakpojenuo is a great educationist bagged with several educational qualifications. She is one of the brainy Isoko women in Lagos doing credibly well to revive the education sector in Nigeria.

#25.Dr.Mrs Janet Enumeruke Ofo(Phd) is a trained university of Lagos educationist and motivational speaker to the core. She is one Isoko woman in Lagos advocating for Isoko mothers to teach their children on Isoko language and culture. He is the wife of the great chartered accountant of Emede Kingdom,Chief Dr Ofo.

#26 Chief JAD Iboma is the former President of Isoko Development Union, Lagos branch and one of the powerful Isoko grassroots philanthropists who was among the first supporter of the birth of Isoko Mirror Newspaper (Comrade Felida Essi).He is a maritime expert who used his influence to help many Isoko youths in Lagos and beyond. He hails from Uzere Kingdom of Isoko South LGA of Delta State.

#27.Chief John Okih is one renowned Isoko-born grassroots philanthropist helping humanity in Lagos without exhibiting any arrogance in his life. He remains a man with God’s heart and from Ada-Irri in Isoko South LGA of Delta State.

#28.Opa Williams is the CEO of a night of thousand laugh that has birthed many world-class comedians in Nigeria and abroad. He is from Ibrede town in Delta State. His recent soap opera on 3wise men that featured great actors and actresses is widely accepted by international movie academy and Nigeria. He is proud of Isoko nation.

#29.Mr.Zeb Ejiro is another world-class Isoko movie producer who brought home video to limelight .He has birthed many actors and actresses in Nigeria and beyond. Through his passion to upgrade film academy in Isoko, he was able to set up a film academy to train movie producers, up-and-coming actresses and actors at Ozoro in Isoko North LGA of Delta State.

#29.Amata family is another big Isoko family from Zack to Fred and Jeta Amata whose creative inputs have helped to upgrade Nigerian movies. They are proud to come from Isoko nation. Fred Amata was the brain behind Inside-out with Agatha Amata, his former wife, whose programme has grown into Rave TV and Trend FM in Nigeria.

#30.Kingsley Ogoro is another Isoko wonderful movie producer promoting hi-tech movies in Nigeria. He is from Ada-irri and one of those that brought Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) to international standard.

#31.Dr Ofo is one of the Isoko first qualified chartered accountants who mentored other Isoko sons and daughters in Lagos. Chief Joel Onawakpo,a renowned chartered accountant ,politician businessman was one of his protégés. He is a philanthropist with extraordinary legacies. He is a native of Emede town in Isoko South LGA of Delta State.

#32.Chief Beatrice Ubeku is a social crusader and businessman who has love for women leadership in Isoko.

#33.Evang Solomon Urete is a native of Uzere kingdom and one of the most sought after Isoko musicians in Lagos. He has performed in high class events both in Lagos, Delta and South west region. He is the producer of ‘Jehovah Overdo’ widely accepted by all Nigerian Christians.

#34 Ovie-Omo Destiny is known as Mistar O Ovinnovation is gradually taken over the 21st century comedy in Nigeria by learning the act fast from his mentor (Bovi Ugboma).The sky is just the beginning for a young man that has greatness tucked in him.

#35.Dr.Karo Ogbinaka is another renowned Isoko lecturer from University of Lagos. He has mentored sons and daughters from Isoko nation. He is a world-class public speaker of international repute. He is always ready to receive any Isoko person in his office without pretence.

#36.Felida Essi is the second woman to establish Isoko newspaper in Lagos(Isoko Mirror).She is known in disseminating Isoko news across Nigeria and abroad. She has won many awards to her credit. She is from Uzere Kingdom in Isoko South LGA of Delta State.

#37.Mr.Goddy Egene is another great Isoko journalist cum philanthropist whose inputs are felt in Idheze-Irri community. He is ready to identify with Isoko people. He is a powerful capital market journalist from Thisday Newspaper.

#38.Mr.Julius Eto is another renowned Isoko journalist that works with the Guardian Newspaper.He has many a time published Isoko people in one event and other. He is an advocate of promoting Isoko people in Nigeria.

#39.Dr.Monday Evawomaha is one of the executive directors of the Guardian Newspaper. He is from Ozoro kingdom in Isoko North LGA of Delta State. He always ready to assist young journalists to grow in the media industry.

#40.Mr Rota Alordiah is the current President of Isoko Development Union,Lagos branch. He has one way or the other in promoting Isoko nation over the years. He once worked with a top-notch company in Lagos as a relations Manager and left honorably to start a human consulting firm.

Other Isoko people promoting Isoko leadership, entertainment, humanity and education in Lagos are Dr.Daniel. E of Lagos State University, Bishop Vote Okpobrisi,Peace Odioko,Evang Benjamin Igoh, Goodluck Orie,Godwin Edegwa,Barr Bright Obaduemu,Paul Odhegba,Mike Ilevieda,Frank Akata,Mathias Ogodo,Moses Egworofa,Prince Wowo Ogaga(Ace Photographer),Jacob Omadebo(FJay’s clothing),Ogba Alogbe,Grace Osima,Mary Nwaru,Godday Ighodeme,Ejete Festus and numerous others to mention.









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