40 Unbeatable Qualities of Mr. Blessing Obomovo(Builder)

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Blessing Obomovo


By Godday Odidi

“Leadership is all about grassroots development”-Godday Odidi

Among all the political aspirants that have so far indicated interest to contest for Isoko North Constituency under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressives Congress(APC), Builder Blessing Obomovo and Hon.Harryman Ujiro have fully shown their entrepreneurial and political capacities to take Isoko North Constituency to the next level if any of these two aspirants or others are given opportunity to test their popularity at the poll come 2019.There are 40 unbeatable qualities of Builder Blessing Obomovo below:

  1. Blessing Obomovo is humble and committed to grassroots sports development in Delta State.
  2. He is committed to philanthropic development in Delta State.
  3. He is trusted and reliable for any political leadership in Isoko.
  4. He is bold and articulate.
  5. He is a trained professional builder with integrity.
  6. His source of livelihood is traceable.
  7. He has respect for elders in politics and business.
  8. Blessing Obomovo is a smart entrepreneur with tenacious mindset to grow his business.
  9. He is brilliant.
  10. He is a social media enthusiast.
  11. He loves education.
  12. He is intelligent.
  13. He values friendship.
  14. He is an eloquent speaker.
  15. He is a cheerful giver.
  16. He believes in community leadership and development.
  17. He is not a proud person that looks down on people.
  18. He believes so much in youth leadership and entrepreneurship.
  19. He is a political orator.
  20. He is a multiple award-winning entrepreneur.
  21. He is happily married and blessed with a good family.
  22. He holds a Masters Degree in Housing Development and Management.
  23. He respects mentors and those who have helped him in life.
  24. He is a staunch member of PDP.
  25. He does not listen to gossip or not a do or die young politician.
  26. He is transparent.
  27. He loves helping humanity and associating with sincere people.
  28. Every professional project given to him, he likes putting his best to it.
  29. He believes in grassroots politics.
  30. He is gradually toeing the path of legacy in his life.
  31. He does not joke with time in business.
  32. He is ever-smiling young personality that loves good things of life.
  33. He is contented and always pushing forward for entrepreneurial greatness.
  34. He is an avid researcher when it comes to entrepreneurship information.
  35. Blessing Obomovo’s future is bright in grassroots politics.
  36. He is a Christian.
  37. He prefers to showcase his business than his personality.
  38. He is a youth advocate.
  39. He has rich curriculum vitae.
  40. He loves to see people around him happy in life.








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