44 Things You Must Know about Pastor Bello Sonny

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Pastor Bello Sonny



  1. He is humble
  2. He is an evangelist.
  3. He is an author with creative mindset.
  4. He is a radical preacher.
  5. He is a church planter with good heart.
  6. He is a full-fledged clergy of Redeemed Christian Church of God.
  7. He is a bookworm.
  8. He is a humanitarian.
  9. He is a silent philanthropist.
  10. He is teacher of thought.
  11. He is dedicated to God’s work
  12. He is a knowledge seeker.
  13. He is a well-travelled preacher.
  14. He is a good family man.
  15. He is a social media advocate.
  16. He is a public affairs analyst.
  17. He is honest and discipline.
  18. He has integrity in ministry.
  19. He is a contented man.
  20. He is a prolific writer.
  21. He is neat.
  22. Pastor Bello is a motivational speaker with innovative ideas of entrepreneurial leadership in Africa.
  23. He is prudent and well-dressed servant of God
  24. He has respect for elders and senior pastors after and before him in RCCG.
  25. He is an intellectual.
  26. He has received many awards to his credit.
  27. He is a leader with distinction.
  28. He has an intimidating profile with proven track records in ministry.
  29. He is a mentor to many.
  30. He is a marriage counselor.
  31. He has featured in several television programmes in Nigeria as panelist and guest (Insideout with Agatha Amata, Supercreen TV and others)
  32. He is a career builder.
  33. He is a role model.
  34. He has an in-depth knowledge of the word of God.
  35. He is a supporter of good vision.
  36. He is a dogged fighter.
  37. He is resolute.
  38. He is brilliant.
  39. He is smart.
  40. He is a researcher.
  41. He is a bible scholar.
  42. He is a prayer warrior.
  43. He is amiable.
  44. He is a trained policy expert cum public figure in God’s kingdom.








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