50 Personalities with Creative Advice and Support for Mindset Media Limited in 2019

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  1. Blessyn Okpowo: This is one man that has love for the progress of Mindset Media Limited. He has affected many lives around him. People speak well of his good works for humanity always.
  2. Michael Orobosa Ubogu: He is one creative maritime expert affecting humanity generally and always concern about the growth and progress of Mindset Media Limited. In 2020, Mindset Media Limited must move from passion to money making venture.
  3. Rasheed Bola Adekunle: He is a man you can run to in need and always there to assist you. He has helped many people in Ajeromi-Ifelodun in life.
  4. Callistus Okhaishie:A renowned marine expert that has passion for humanity. He is always willing to create jobs for youths and adults in the real estate business and marine industry.
  5. Bishop Leonard Umunna is my authentic spiritual father with legacy. He does not speak with double words. He is one of those ministers of God who gave our platform support with his mind few years ago.
  6. Comrade Adewale Adeyanju is a caring maritime personality who appreciates the good works of Mindset.A man that commands integrity.
  7. Tunde Alapini is one brain behind the success story of Mindset Media Limited. He is a man that keeps to his works.
  8. Otunde Emiyede is a father that prays for the growth of Mindset and always nominating good people for Mindset Awards every year.
  9. S.E Okpithe is a father who gave me my first medium platform to succeed in life. He is happy seeing the growth of Mindset Media Limited.
  10. Frank Okorie popularly called by friends and clients as’J5’ is one man that has graciously supported our medium till date. He is a good man with love for humanity.
  11. Nnamdi Okorie is another young man that has love for Mindset Media Limited. You call him anytime, ready to support us. His word, I dey for you.
  12. Michael Ujiro is a great man with good heart for humanity and Mindset Media Limited.
  13. Jerry Wanodi is a serial entrepreneur with love for our platform. He always responds positively to our medium.
  14. Kennedy Ozofere is another man that values the works of Mindset Media Limited. He picks our calls and responds to our needs.
  15. Alex Anamuehan is a UK based architect cum businessman, he is very accommodating and blessing to our platform.
  16. Abayomi Ilori another UK based entrepreneur with love for humanity. He has great love for Mindset Media
  17. Uche Ezeude is a great woman that has graciously supporting Our platform since 2017 till date.
  18. Don Dada is one man that keeps to his words and always supportive.
  19. Shaibu Mohammed is a technocrat I got closed to him recently and one man that keeps to his words.
  20. Goni Zakari is one man I fell in love with recently by always keeping to his words. It is one man to work with in life.
  21. David Agbara is a brother that wants to see that Mindset Media Limited succeeds in life.
  22. Grace Edith is a great woman of God that cares for my daily activities and how Mindset Media Limited is fairing.
  23. Adewale Adeogun is a trained educationist cum politician that values the works of Mindset Media Limited since 2011 till date.
  24. Tony Aspire is a trained real estate guru that always appreciates the good works of Mindset Media.
  25. David Edafe is a good man that wants the progress of our platform
  26. Williams Majedo is a brother with good heart for Mindset Media
  27. Fortune Abasi is another clergy that is happy about our growth and always supporting us with prayers.
  28. Mac Anthony is a brother and one colleague that want me to succeed in life.
  29. Benjamin Igoh is my elder brother that values my works and he can defend me at any time.
  30. Richard Okolosi is another brother with love for Mindset Media
  31. Victoria Tobra is a woman that can defend Mindset media limited at anytime and she is a gifted writer.
  32. Charles Alakpa is another young man that wants Mindset Media Limited to succeed at all cost now.
  33. Mc Noise/Koded Laff these are comperes changing the face of Mindset Media Limited now.
  34. Nurudeen/Elo/Gloria/Ijeoma these are Mindset teams bringing creativity to bear in the platform. They are wonderful people I respect a lot.
  35. Segun Okunloye is one man that has love for Mindset Media Limited
  36. Ebere Gideon is a good man with passion for Mindset growth.
  37. Jaycole is proud to identify with Mindset media always.
  38. Success Emmanuel is a great man of God that values Mindset Media
  39. Dickson Ebegbare is one man that cares for the growth of our medium
  40. Prince Roland is a good friend that wants the growth of our platform.
  41. Steve Ageh is always calling me often to know how I’m doing in life.
  42. Dillion Oyuwe is a man that keeps to his words.
  43. Andrew Obieroma is a great man that thinks about the welfare of Mindset.

44.Blessing Obomovo is another young man that cares always

  1. Amos Uyo is a great oil and gas mogul that is ready to support our platform as we grow bigger and stronger.
  2. Peter Akeme is a good man with love for Mindset Media
  3. Sani Abubakar is one man that has love for the growth of Mindset Media
  4. Jude Ogbimi is a good man ready to support Mindset
  5. Mojisola Macaulay is a great woman with love for humanity
  6. Bridget Uvoh is a woman that appreciates the work of Mindset Media


God will continue to bless you all. Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

Godday Odidi

CEO Mindset Media Limited




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