47 Legacies of Chief Michael Orobosa Ubogu

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Michael Ubogu



“Giving is a gift”-Michael Orobosa Ubogu

“Real leaders and mentors are those who keep to their words”.-Godday Odidi







L=Leader of thought


O=Open to vision

R=Ready to support grassroots sports always

O=Open to good dreams

B=Bold to take good decision of life

O=Open to great things of life

S=Serial Entrepreneur

A=Articulating great leadership disposition




U= Unity of love




November 16,2017,Chief Michael Orobosa Ubogu,the Enyioha 1 of Obingwa kingdom, Managing Director of Micura Services Limited, Personal Development Coach and multiple award-winning maritime expert with pedigree will be marking his 47th birthday on earth, but his 47 unbeatable legacies are worthy of emulation to the core. God has kept his life for a purpose to fulfill mankind and remain committed to positive humanitarian services in Africa at the grassroots level till date.

  1. He is a role model.
  2. He is a mentor.
  3. He is a philanthropist.
  4. He is bold and punctual in business.
  5. He is intelligent.
  6. He keeps to his words.
  7. He is a serial entrepreneur and time management expert.
  8. He is a realist.
  9. He is an articulate speaker cum personality development coach.
  10. He is humble.
  11. He is a man of sagacious wisdom.
  12. He is a caring family man to the core.
  13. He is a devoted Christian.
  14. He is a conference speaker.
  15. He is a man of business diversification.
  16. He is a multiple award-winning maritime expert.
  17. He is brilliant.
  18. He is a real businessman.
  19. He believes in credibility and honesty in business.
  20. He cares for his workers/employees.
  21. He treats his employees respectfully and cares for their welfare always.
  22. He has devoted each month of the year to be celebrating his workers ‘birthday at the office.
  23. He is creative.
  24. He is a CEO of 21st century.
  25. He is a leader of thought.
  26. He is a known figure in the maritime industry.
  27. He is a researcher of business techniques.
  28. He loves progress.
  29. He is a vision supporter.
  30. He is a humanitarian legend.
  31. He knows Christ.
  32. He loves education and youth development.
  33. He loves innovation of good idea.
  34. He respects the things of God.
  35. He knows the in-depth word of God.
  36. He is media friendly.
  37. He is a straightforward personality.
  38. He is a supporter of grassroots sports development in Africa and Ajegunle.
  39. He is principled.
  40. He is a listener.
  41. He is a man that believes in positive political development and widows and orphanages ministry.
  42. He does not live above his means.
  43. He is disciplined and detribalized man.
  44. He does not despise people.
  45. He is neat and love dressing casually to the office.
  46. He is a patron to many organizations.
  47. He does not live to impress people in life.

Happy birthday in advance to a man that wants others to grow in life.







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