51 Footpath of Hon (Chief) Benjamin Essien Okiemute(NNRtd)

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Hon.Benjamin Essien,Former Delta State House of Assembly member


Hon (Chief) Benjamin Essien Okiemute is one of the high-ranking Ivrogbo-Irri grassroots politicians that brought grassroots representation to limelight in Delta State and beyond. He came, saw and conquered the political terrain and was loved by many who saw him as a hero of modern democracy and grassroots leadership and development in Isoko South.51 Footpath of Hon (Chief) Benjamin Essien Okiemute you must know:

  1. He is a trained security expert.
  2. He is the Chairman/Managing Director of Hamilton Guards Limited.
  3. He is trained to provide industrial and private guards for both public and private companies in Nigeria and abroad.
  4. He is a grassroots politician to the core.
  5. He is a job creator.
  6. He is creative
  7. He is a high-ranking APC chieftain in Delta State.
  8. He is dedicated to developmental politics in Nigeria.
  9. He loves reading, driving and swimming.

10 .He is smart.

  1. He is a brilliant retired naval officer.
  2. He is a trained retired naval fighter.
  3. He is financially blessed.
  4. He is an amiable personality.
  5. He has received many meritorious awards to his credit.
  6. He is loved by many in Delta and Akwa Ibom States.
  7. He is neat.
  8. He is a well-dressed politician.
  9. He is a philanthropist cum humanitarian.
  10. He is a community developer.
  11. He is humble.
  12. He respects elders in community.
  13. He understands modern politics of Delta State.
  14. He is committed to grassroots development.
  15. He is a happy family man.
  16. He is a hardworker.
  17. He is eloquent.
  18. He is reliable.
  19. He is proactive.
  20. He is vast in grassroots leadership.
  21. He is a role model and mentor to many.
  22. He is a successful businessman.
  23. He is a renowned hotelier.
  24. He has helped ordinary people to become great vessels in life.
  25. He has rich resume to the core.
  26. He is a well-travelled entrepreneur.
  27. He is one of the biggest security stakeholders of Globacom in Delta State.
  28. He has wealth of experience in security matters in Nigeria.
  29. He is an avid security researcher.
  30. He is a political encourager.
  31. He is intelligent.
  32. He is vibrant.
  33. He is a public figure.
  34. He is a democrat.
  35. He is proud of Isoko nation.
  36. He is a career builder.
  37. He has a stake in the oil and gas sector.
  38. He has embarked on many periodic grassroots empowerment programmes as the then Delta State House of Assembly member.
  39. He initiated several peaceful resolutions in the state.
  40. He brought political civilization to Isoko nation while in Delta State House of Assembly.
  41. He is bold and articulate.





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