53 Footprints of Hon (Chief) Raphael Egaga Okaruefe

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Hon.Raphael Egaga Okaruefe,Vice Chairman Isoko South LG/MD Ben-Vick Technical Services Limited


Hon(Chief) Raphael Egaga Okaruefe is the current Vice-Chairman of Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State and Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director of Ben-Vick Technical Services Limited and Ralph Okaruefe Foundation.53 Footprints of Hon. Raphael Okarufe you must know:

  1. He is the CEO/MD of Ben-Vick Technical Services Limited.
  2. He is the founder of Ralph Okaruefe Foundation, an NGO for less privileged, widows and widowers.
  3. He is humble.
  4. He is passionate about the poor.
  5. He is down to earth.
  6. He is a grassroots politician to the core.
  7. He is brilliant and smart in business.
  8. He has wealth of experience in business.
  9. He is an entrepreneur cum philanthropist with creative mindset.
  10. He is a grassroots mobilizer.
  11. He is an accomplished international businessman with vision.
  12. He is a recipient of several awards from different organizations in Nigeria and abroad.
  13. He is a Christian with unflinching love for God.
  14. He is a family man with integrity.
  15. He is honest and transparent in business.
  16. He is reliable and trustworthy.
  17. He is a fine gentleman.
  18. He has a good business profile.
  19. He is a role model and mentor to many in Nigeria.
  20. He has an excellent spirit.
  21. He is a supporter of God’s kingdom.
  22. He loves education.
  23. He is a dream builder.
  24. He is an astute marketer.
  25. He is a public figure.
  26. He is vibrant on the social media.
  27. He is a technocrat.
  28. He is a humanitarian.
  29. He is a grassroots leader.
  30. He is a man that respects traditional leadership.
  31. He has a stake in building small businesses in Africa.
  32. He is a well-travelled entrepreneur.
  33. He respects both Africa and Isoko culture.
  34. He has love for youth development in Nigeria.
  35. He has love for Isoko language.
  36. His caring foundation is one of the best in Delta State.
  37. He is knowledgeable and acquainted with modern techniques in entrepreneurial leadership.
  38. He is a contented man.
  39. He is creative.
  40. He is a successful businessman.
  41. He is sociable.
  42. He is amiable and friendly with both low and high in the society.
  43. He is a powerful stakeholder in the prestigious China’s and Asia businesses.
  44. He is an outstanding democrat.
  45. He has a competent managerial leadership style.
  46. He is ready to take Isoko grassroots leadership to the Promised Land if given opportunity to lead.
  47. He is proudly loved by his community people (Enhwe in Isoko South LGA,Delta State).
  48. He has a professional stake in hospitality business in Nigeria.
  49. He is an investor per excellence.
  50. He is a job creator.
  51. He has love for electronic, print and social media.
  52. He is a man of crowd.
  53. He is an enterprising personality.

Note: Hon.Raphael Okaruefe received 2016 Mindset award as the best grassroots mobilizer of the year ably represented by Hon. Philip Urieh at Rockview Hotel, Apapa Lagos.










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