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-Unnecessary competition in life will lead someone to career bankruptcy-Mr.Michael

-In Funacep Fleet Management, we turn liabilities to Assets


Interview compiled by Godday Odidi( 08058124798)


Mr. Michael Ujiro is the Managing Director of Funacep Fleet Management, the subsidiary of Funacep Nigeria Limited, a firm that specializes on turning liabilities to assets, that is car maintenance and safety coverage. It is one company in Africa redefining, restructuring and rebranding the cab market from local operation to international operation, which clients across the globe can put their cars into Funacep Fleet Management in trust.Funacep Nigeria Limited is into big-time real estate business of selling and buying landed properties for private and commercial businesses across Nigeria. Business partnership and entrepreneurial leadership has helped Funacep Nigeria Limited to build stronger ties among great entrepreneurs in Africa and beyond.

According to Michael, Nigeria is fertile for business but several businesses have become copy cats and requires high level thinking young entrepreneurs to look beyond the entrepreneurial box. The real estate business in Nigeria has been saturated with all comers ‘affairs and so, it takes a great entrepreneurial icon to look beyond one business to run the current expenditures/logistics in the office.

The Lagos-Delta based young entrepreneur, spoke with recently in his palatial office at Lekki,Lagos on the need to embrace entrepreneurial diversification at this present economy in Nigeria and other issues.




I am from Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State but came to Lagos few years ago for greener pasture. I never dreamt of coming to Lagos but was basically schooling at Portharcourt and hustling to survive in life. Things were not really working well with me, having tried education and businesses that failed abysmally. I saw Lagos as a place filled up with people but it was dawn on me to come and see how things were done creatively. So, I came to Lagos and based in Ajah,I mean the real slum of Ajah then. I was introduced into real estate business which was not saturated then. It was easy to mint money and that was how integrity and credibility gave us an edge in the real estate business. Real estate partnership helped me to redefine my confidence in entrepreneurship in Nigeria. That was how Funacep Nigeria Limited came into business.




Funacep Nigeria Limited is into real estate business and other businesses. We felt, there is need to diversify into other green areas of businesses and in 2017 we came up with Funacep Fleet Management. It is a company that specializes in turning liabilities to assets. Car is a liability and land is an asset, in Funacep Nigeria Limited and Funacep Fleet Management, we make the two to become profitable businesses.Funacep Nigeria Limited kicked off officially in 2015,having being in partnership for few years to learn the rope of joint venture entrepreneurship .Entrepreneurial independence has helped me to redefine myself in business management. We have a workshop where our mechanics are stationed to repairs and maintain our cars. We have local and international clients putting millions of businesses into our care. We employ professional drivers to drive our cars. We are real estate brokers, sales and renting of landed properties for companies and investors across the globe.



As I said early on that we focus on real estate business and car maintenance. As a zealous entrepreneur with great ambition, I’m researching on green areas of other businesses to grow Funacep Nigeria Limited and Funacep Fleet Management. I will be travelling to one of the advanced countries that has great entrepreneurial inputs in business innovation, technology and development. I want to explore on new areas to grow my business to a conglomerate in Africa. We build strong relationship with our partners and clients across Nigeria. Integrity and credibility has helped us to remain in business for the past few years in life.




In Funacep Nigeria Limited/Funacep Fleet Management, I have sound management team that are ambitious to work and grow these two companies and beyond. I employ ambitious people. These companies can operate fully in my absence. I don’t need to be in the office before it works. I employ between 25 and 35 years of ages into my company. These sets of people are ready to work and they are ambitious to succeed in life. I’m specifically for human capital development and that is why in Funacep Nigeria Limited, every bonuses are given to staffers. Salaries are paid in due time. We have professional partners who believe in us always.


Well, education is very important in every business you embark upon in life. I had both my primary and secondary education in Delta State and proceeded to University of Portharcourt to run a Diploma Course but did not complete it and later read Business Administration/Management Science in full-time at University of Lagos and successfully graduated last year. Had other managerial trainings in business development and innovation. Education is a continuous exercise and we will continue to attain more heights as far God gives us life to live on earth.


As a businessman with great vision for exploit, you must plan wisely not to allow some government policies to thwart your business ideas in life. That is why I’m an advocate of entrepreneurial diversification and investment. We shall be going on hospitality business soon. I don’t go into a new business without researching on it creatively and professionally. I said it before that our entrepreneurial diversification will help us to run logistics/current expenditures in the office.




For any business to succeed in life, the owner must exhibit these traits; Chrisma, character, efficiency, accountability, intelligence, legacy, trust, professionalism creativity, independence and discipline. Financial prudence is one of the keys to entrepreneurial expansion.



I have an NGO called MICHAEL UJIRO FOUNDATION. At present, this NGO is taking care of the educational expenses of 25 less privileged kids in different schools across Nigeria, particularly Lagos and Delta States. We recently distributed 3500 exercise books to public schools in Delta State and 4000 exercise books to public schools in Lagos too. Not that we have arrived in life but still in the journey but felt there is need to help humanity. Michael Ujiro Foundation is not for ulterior motive but to create legacies for the born and unborn children in life. We need to develop our young ones for greater future task through sound educational system.


 I had put my hands into different businesses and failed abysmally but never gave up in life. One thing to try and another thing to remain focus to face the good and bad sides of business. We had sleepless nights and frustrations but determine courageously to succeed in life. People called us several names when success started speaking with us, that is; in this part of the world, when young people succeed, they ascribe it to ritualism but we never succumb to such pressure of life and we knew it was another form of distraction. At least, God has been helping us to put food on our table and sustaining the idea of growing big in business is another blessing from God.


With God, all things are possible. In the next five years, we want to see that Funacep Nigeria Limited/Funacep Fleet Management has become global brands where we bring innovative ideas into real estate business and cab business. We want to employ more vibrant and ambitious youths into our company and diversifying into other lucrative businesses with more professional management team.



I have many entrepreneurial mentors across the globe. I have close mentors around me that I learn from everyday in business creativity and development. I have spiritual mentors like Bishop Oyedepo and Pastor Enoch Adeboye whose spiritual teachings have helped me to build my faith in Christ. I have read many books from motivational to inspirational and to legacy and still reading more books to update my career development.


I keep telling people who care to listen that you can work from 9am to 5pm from Mondays to Fridays in a company and still achieve your set goals in life. You can still work on your own, not achieving your set goals in life. It all depends on individual mindset. Unnecessary competition will lead someone to career bankruptcy in life. Many people use security operatives not to flex muscles but for business protection. Some businesses need security protection like ours.


I’m not a politician but everybody is a political animal whether you like it or not. I have political friends around me. I love appreciating good politics. Everybody cannot be in politics at the same time but our expertise will help in bringing good quality representation to the people through our representatives at various political leadership positions in Delta State and beyond.


I don’t like blowing my own trumpet in life. I have a low-key life style. I love quality things and brands. I like socializing privately. In business, you socialize professionally to build strong business ties among clients. I’m married to a Yoruba woman and blessed with lovely kids.



Young entrepreneurs must learn to start small and grow big in life and avoid unhealthy competitions of material wealth. You try once and fail, do not mean if you try again and you cannot succeed in life. Keep trying and preparing yourself for opportunities that will meet your greatness in life.


























Mr.Michael Ujiro


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