7 stones and javelins you must take care of on your way.

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1 Samuel 17:40
A grateful and loving heart is a winner.

1 Samuel 19:8-10
Often the devil attacks God’s children from angles they do not expect. It was the King himself, not Goliath that threw the javelin that almost killed David.
You must resist, and not assist the devil !
Matthew 4

What are these stones and javelins ?

1. Stone of frustration. 1 Cor. 4:8-10

2. Stone of necessities of life, emotional imbalance and ill health. Proverbs 25:28
When you know that if God could give up Jesus Christ as sacrifice for the sin of man, what can he not give you ?

3. Quitter’s javelin.
Hebrews 10:38, Numbers 11:4-6

4. Discouragement stone is used on both members and leaders, from Joseph to Elijah to Jesus.
Joshua 1:6-8 is the solution to the discouragement stone.

5. Stone of distraction. Don’t let anyone make you his god. Don’t promise anybody something you can’t afford.
Luke 8:14

6. The stone of envy and jealousy. – Genesis 37:5-8
“What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.”

7. Stone of persecution. – Matthew 5:10
Those who are envying you, speaking negatively of you are only doing themselves. They should rather praise God, seek unity and connect with your blessings by faith.
Be consistent !
God said to me today, “Some have received the word, but have not practicalized the word”.

That is… Have you gone to preach, sharing the gospel that saved and transformed your life ?
Have you gone to win a soul, bring that person to the household of God or lead him to Jesus ?
Some people have received the word of God into their life, but have not experienced Jesus in their life.



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