70 Things I Admire From Bishop Leonard Umunna On Earth-Godday Aguriase Odidi(OGA)

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70 Things I Admire From Bishop Leonard Umunna On Earth-Godday Aguriase Odidi(OGA)

1. He is the presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral(BLCC).
2. He is a man of God who follows due process.
3. He has received many awards from both Nigeria and Abroad.
4. He is a Humanitarian.
5. He is a multiple-award preacher.
6. He is a gospel artiste.
7. He has written many Christian literature.
8. He is a good encourager.
9. He is a professor.
10. He is a contented preacher.
11. He is a God-sent preacher.
12. He is articulate.
13. He is a preacher who understands media ministry and evangelism.
14. He is an educationist.
15. He is a good father to his children and grandchildren.
16. He stands by his word.
17. He is a man of integrity.
18. He is a dramatist.
19. He is a man of God with extraordinary legacies
20. He does not take sides.
21. He is a focused preacher.
23. He does not criticize fellow preachers.
24. He offers useful advice to political leaders every year.
25. He wants everybody around him to succeed.
26. He is a brilliant personality.
27. He is simple.
28. He focuses on the kingdom of God.
29. He is an exceptional preacher.
30. He gives room for members to exhibit their talents.
31. He teaches what he practices.
32. He is a father to many.
33. He pays attention to details.
34. He is a caring personality.
35. He is well-celebrated internationally and locally.
36. He identifies talents from a young age.
37. He is a marriage counselor.
38. He is a humble preacher.
39. He is a good relationship builder.
40. He is a good giver.
41. He is a creative thinker.
42. He is a capacity builder.
43. He has traveled far and wide in preaching God’s word.
44. He is neat.
45. He is a good dancer.
46. He has given scholarships to indigent students to date.
47. He is one of the highly respected God’s generals in Nigeria.
48. Heaven is the focus.
49. He is a man of appreciation.
50. He is a man of prayers.
51. He is a business teacher.
52. He is an intelligent preacher.
53. He is a good researcher.
54. He has an innovative mindset.
55. He is a role model and mentor to many.
56. His spiritual coverage is blessed.
57. He is not carried away by the world.
58. He knows how to connect the word of God with the old and the young generation.
59. He is a public affairs analyst.
60. He is a good writer.
61. He is a good listener.
62. He has a 21st-century media team.
63. He is creative.
64. He is a vibrant preacher.
65. He is an amazing personality.
66. He was born on the 25th of June,1954.
67. He knows how to teach on healthy living style.
68. He knows how to celebrate members’ birth anniversaries every month.
69. He is a serial entrepreneur.
70. He is a man of God with a large heart.


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