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Oleh-Isoko nation agog as Isoko Nation Youth Congress (INYC) holds her inaugural ceremony

It was a thing of joy and jubilations on the 23rd of September 2017  in isokoland as a new youth body Isoko Nation Youth Congress (INYC) was successfully inaugurated by former secretary general Isoko Development Union (IDU) and grand patron INYC Comr. Mallam-Obi Julius aka Gorilla President.

Administering the oath of office to the president of the Isoko Nation Youth Congress, Comr. Isheri Maclins, Comr. Julius Mallam-Obi made it known to the body that Isoko youths are being short changed in the areas of empowerments because they have been playing a fiddle of entrusting themselves to a relegated background which have denied them dividends of what is due to them.
He charged the president to put the agitation of Isoko forward charismatically, and should not fail to liaise with other Isoko youth bodies by creating a synergy in areas deemed necessary for the betterment of Isoko youths worldwide. Also sworn in are the first vice president Comr. Newyear Efih, second vice president Engr. Akokotu Godstime, secretary general Paul Tutu, financial secretary Olodia Orevaoghene McDonald, Director media and strategy Comr. Oviri Kelvin, organizing secretary Karo Philip Oghogho and many others.

Contributing to what the grand patron chairman Mallam-Obi Julius said, former starwort Isoko Youth body and patron Comr. Joram Utukpe oriented the INYC President Comr. Isheri Maclins and his executives to be pragmatic and diligent in the course of delivering the mandate of the youth body which is empowerment for Isoko youths and development of Isoko land in general.

The President thank the chairman and other members of the board of trustees for their advisory and directional role and promised that INYC under his leadership will work within the ambit of the law as law abiding citizens to pivotally drive the mandate of liberating Isoko youths, why liaising with other youth bodies in the course of discharging its duties, from the bondage they have found themselves.


1. Comr. Mallam-Obi Julius

2. Mr. Julius Eto

3. Comr. Joram Utukpe

4. Hon Chief Alex Izogu

Board of Trustees

1. Mr Joel Avae

2. Hon Benjamin Egba Omu

3. Mr. Samuel Odize

4. Mr. Ito Luggard

5. Emmanuel Okogho

6. Mr. Amos Ogumeyo

7. Mr. Kelvin Malaka

8. Mr. Hon Ifode Sylvester

9. Mr. Ishmael Igelige

10. Akpoyibo Omas

List of newly inaugurated executives of Isoko Nation Youth Congress (INYC)

President Isheri Maclins

First Vice President Newyear Efih

Second Vice President Engr Godstime Oghenero Akokotu

Secretary General Paul Tutu Erero

Assistant Secretary General Kingsley Obah

Treasurer Ikede Akpode

Financial Secretary Pst Oreva-oghene Mcdonald Olodia

Assistant Financial Secretary Asieba Raymond

Director Media and Strategy Oviri Kelvin Ozed

Deputy Director Media and Strategy Michael Paul

Secretary Media and Strategy Ogheghe Ologbo Simon

Director of Mobilization William Clinton Orobosa

Deputy Director of Mobilization Sagacious Louis

Organizing Secretary Karo Philip Oghogho

Assistant Organizing Secretary Francis Udurie

Public Relations Officer Samsom Ikibo

Assistant Public Relations Officer Lawson Abanum

Women Leader Eghove Joy

Assistant Women Leader Princess Okareme Rose

Speaker Philips Uwomano Philips

Deputy Speaker Olokor Anthony

Legal Adviser Barr. David Ogheneluye Jarikre

Auditor Believe Ugu

Welfare Officer Okoro Hezekiah

Assistant Welfare Officer Irobo Orezimena

Provost 1 Ale Udhewe

Provost 2 Akporobaro Asa

Provost 3 Israel Udi

Protocol Officer David Edhere

Chairman Taskforce Committee Samson Otuaraha

Vice Chairman Taskforce Cyril Emonena

Chairman Employment and Empowerment Committee Oruah Victor Eloho

Secretary Employment and Empowerment Committee Ulueme Abraham

Ex Officio Ukane Lucky

Ex Officio Charles Udoma

Ex Officio Monday Ogolomo

Ex Officio Okolosi Kenneth

Ex Officio Albert Edafemuno

Ex Officio Adhekegba Gospel


The voice of the youths.


Our voice must be heard.

Comr. Oviri Kelvin Ozed
Director Media and Strategy



INYC taking oath of office
Group photograp of INYC