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Lessons of Life from Blessyn Okpowo’s Eulogies


Elebe and Imo


“Legacies are memories created by people tucked with greatness in life”-Godday Odidi


For the past years, one secret of life that kept me growing in this journalism journey is reading the profiles of great people and how they made it to the top either dead or alive.

The first eulogy of Blessyn Okpowo on Late Chief Jacob Imo,a great philanthropist and  how he came to Idheze-Irri with an helicopter and it was a great motivation in his life.

Late Chief Jacob Imo was a great motivator to many but only few at that time used their mental thoughts to build their lives.

No doubt, Blessyn Okpowo is a great mentor to many in Isokoland and his investigative style of journalism gave him fame to break into the oil and gas industry backed with sound educational background.

Few days ago, Blessyn Okpowo wrote another eulogy on late Engr. Nathaniel Elebe,a renowned oil and gas entrepreneur and how he advised him not to go to Lagos to work in an hotel which was the only business for young Idheze sons then.

After he saw his WAEC result with 8 credits in 1979, he was moved and shook his hands.Blessyn became motivated with this great gesture of late Engr.Elebe.

Many young people won’t take cognizance of this eulogy of Blessyn Okpowo on Engr.Nathaniel Elebe.

In Mindset Media Limited, we celebrate people when they are alive and I wish I had met this wonderful philanthropist before his demise to great beyond.

These two eulogies have taught me many lessons of life and how to live faithfully with your people when at the top of life.

I picked so much interest with Idheze-irri community because my maternal father hailed from there.

While I was very young living at Ivrogbo-irri, every week my maternal father would take me to Idheze-Irri to visit her brothers and sisters and the house she built there too.

Anything about Idheze-Irri community, I’m very passionate and ready to project it on the online media.

Blessyn Okpowo stated that late Nath Elebe encouraged him to continue to help humanity and education.

Today, he is gradually wearing the big shoes of his mentors and advisers that had left good legacies behind in Nigeria.

His eulogies are worthy reading for encyclopedia in Africa. God bless Blessyn Okpowo for always setting a raw legacy for the youths to follow in Nigeria.













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