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Bishop Leonard Umunna: 54 Years on the Pulpit with Unbeatable Legacies in Ministry


Bishop Leonard Umunna is the presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral, oversees one of the single largest Pentecostal churches in Africa and Ajegunle, conducting two services every Sunday with line-up of activities for the week.

Bishop Leonard Umunna came into ministry at 9 when his peer groups were still struggling to feed from their parents but he decided to heed to the call of God at his tender age. Though, born as a handicapped but was gracefully liberated from the pit of death.

His legacies in ministry are unbeatable and extraordinary which only few young preachers still path on, specifically those that learnt from his sagacious calling and thereafter, developed themselves into world-class preachers and counselors in Africa and beyond.

Again, his humility is second to none in Africa where today most ministries are mainly focused on prosperity while Daddy Umunna focuses on the end time and the importance of serving God with faithful mind.

On pulpit, Umunna remains the world best in terms of in-depth word of God and vast knowledge on national and international issues.

In ministry in Nigeria, Umunna is worthy to be called a father in the Lord that has helped many to become national and international general overseers with large cathedrals across the globe.

However, his ministerial legacies are enviable and overwhelming at 54 on the pulpit. He prefers to listen to the voice of God directly and act accordingly to the command above. He has mentored sons and daughters in the Lord making significant progresses in all strata of life and ministry.

With torrents of comments on the social media on each post of Mindset Media Limited on Bishop Leonard Umunna, shows his magnanimous display of fatherly role to young pastors across Nigeria. You remain a voice in Nigeria that cannot be easily ignored like a pack of cards. Happy 54 years on the pulpit sir. We wish you well in all your endeavours and ministry in Jesus name amen.


Bishop Leonard Umunna


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