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Ambassador Obitex: Taking Networking Business to International Level with Passion


Ambassador Obitex Emmanuel is one of the fast-growing networking entrepreneurs in Africa whose passion to make the poor to become self-independent with assurable residue income for life.

For the past months now, Ambassador Obitex has been travelling from one part of the world to another for helping Hands International (H21) networking. His entrepreneurial leadership rise in networking business is commendable to the core.

No doubt, H21 has become an international marketing network creating jobs and providing skills acquisitions for people who are ready to be liberated from poverty in life.

Ambassador Obitex’s legacy in networking business is second to none in Nigeria where H21 has become a realistic organization providing humanitarian services to the poor. His rise from associate to prime minister of H21 was not a child’s play but sheer determination to become of the trustees of this recognized international organization.

One thing that singles out Ambassador Obitex from other networking marketers in Africa is creative methodology of winning souls into the networking business with visible testimonies from members. He is one young man in Nigeria that has knack for business progression and elevation at all levels.

His creativity in networking business remains the best in Africa and beyond. He has become a global networker with distinctive mindset to create viable entrepreneurs for global leaders. His love for humanitarian services and providing skills acquisition for young people in Africa is worthy of emulation. He remains a role model to young networking marketers in Africa.





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