Abayomi Ilori:A Kind-hearted Philanthropist

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Abayomi Ilori:A Kind-hearted Philanthropist

Chief Abayomi Ilori

Chief Abayomi Ilori, also known as “Atayese Worldwide,” is a prominent figure in Nigeria, serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Welsna Nigeria Limited and Welsna Logistics. Known for his kind-heartedness and dedication to humanity, Chief Abayomi has consistently invested in uplifting people and communities.

His approach to business development emphasizes creating job opportunities for Nigerians, understanding the importance of economic empowerment.

Over the years, Chief Abayomi has been recognized with numerous awards for his contributions to society and his unwavering commitment to sports development. A global figure with a remarkable sense of grace, Chief Abayomi Ilori continues to inspire others through his actions and initiatives.


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