Adeyanju Adewale: A Silent Amazing Philanthropist with Leadership Traits

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Comrade Adeyanju



“Great people are celebrated with joy in their birthdays”-Godday Odidi



On October 1st, 2019, was the auspicious birthday of the President-General of maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) and member NSITF board, Comrade Adeyanju Adewale, a man whose humility and exemplary leadership style has endeared him to the heart of many maritime icons in Africa including Chief Michael Ubogu,Managing Director,Micura Services Limited. His birthday was quietly celebrated by friends that kept his birthday date in their dairies every year.

As far as the Nigerian maritime sector is concerned, Comrade Adeyanju has positively affected lives in terms of fighting for workers’ welfare and giving hope to maritime operators in Africa.

For the past years, I have heard so much about him from my iconic mentor and boss, Chief Michael Ubogu on his leadership capacity and integrity displayed.

Every interview granted with Chief Ubogu,he is always mentioning his mentors that have affected his business empire internally and externally, Comrade Adeyanju is the first name to be mentioned in and Mindset Media Limited for the past 7years.

The first time, I met him at his wife’s 50th birthday bash at Festac Town last year that attracted the crème da la crème of personalities from all walks of life to attend the occasion. His humility caught my attention that this man is not just for the commoners but for all in the maritime players.

His media presence is felt locally and globally advocating for good welfare packages for maritime workers in Nigeria.

This auspicious celebration is just a new beginning for a great maritime expert that is birthed with humility. He is one leader that carries both his friends and foes together to decide the future of the sector.

Integrity runs through his veins and always committed to philanthropic legacy in Africa.

Once again, happy birthday sir, God bless your new age abundantly with long life and prosperity.




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