After 65, Bishop Leonard Umunna Waxing Stronger in Christ

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Bishop Leonard



“Living for legacy makes great people to see the future”-Godday Odidi


After 65, Bishop Leonard Umunna, presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral and multi-award winning gospel dramatist waxing stronger and bigger in Christ.

Serving God faithfully on healthy ground shows that Bishop Umunna has committed his youthful and adulthood days in Christ.

Bishop Umunna always looking younger and stronger in ministerial assignment coupled with his healthy living style that has helped him to sail through in ministry.

He is one of the respected God’s generals in Nigeria whose calling is to help humanity and win souls for Christ.

At his 65 birthday bash, he said, God called him to teach believers to live good legacies behind when they are no more.

“If you want to live long on earth as a Christian, you must not indulge in sinful act that will give the devil ticket to attack you in life”.

Bishop Umunna is not just a role model in Christ but one man of God that has love for human capital development. His joy to see that everybody around him is happy and making progress in life. He is a father to many God’s generals in Africa.







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