Ajegunle Chiefs Association Give Out Educational Materials to Schools in Ajegunle

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– Sani confers as Chief of the association

-Mark the New Year with humanitarian focus

-Give Out 500 branded bags, 500 notebooks and 250 biros to schools


The Ajegunle Chiefs Association(ACA) is one  of the highly celebrated associations in Ajegunle that is mixed with thoroughbred technocrats, serial entrepreneurs, academic scholars, compassionate philanthropists, and eminent personalities, recently gave out educational materials such as 500 branded bags, 250 biros and 500 notebooks to  schools in Ajegunle as part of their humanitarian services to the educational sector in Lagos State. It was a moment of joy as men of timber and caliber in branded Ajegunle Chiefs Association t-shirts and face caps in convoy toured two prominent Ajegunle schools (Araromi and Central primary).

According to the President of the Ajegunle Chiefs Association (ACA) and a renowned entrepreneur, Chief Frank Eborka, popularly called as’Baba Isale’ said the association is all about helping humanity and building legacies in Ajegunle and beyond. In this association, we respect opinions and views of members in our meetings. When people hear the name Ajegunle Chiefs Association what comes to their minds, it is a cult group, it is capital no, and we use this association to appreciate ourselves in love and kindness.

He explained further that for anybody to join this association, you must be an Ajegunle person who once grew up there and has enviable legacies in life. We have vibrant committee in charge to screen new members into the association.

In Ajegunle Chiefs Association, we don’t just give chieftaincy titles based on your wealth but on integrity. In this association, we have general and chieftaincy positions. Before you become a chief in this association, you must be a general not military own, that is, a position that qualifies you to be a chief and the  committee for chieftaincy title conferment will also screen you thoroughly .

 Eborka said ACA kind of chieftaincy conferment, there are no nocturnal meetings and everything is opened to the public. You can see how our new chief was coronated with love.  

Mr.Amun Rilwan,Public Relations Officer of Ajegunle Chiefs Association said the association is well-structured and organized. To admit new members, you must be screened by ACA committee and certain amount of money must be paid. It is a standard association that values integrity and legacy in life, he said.

Olorogun John Asiemo popularly known as ‘Daddy Showkey’ and Ajegunle ambassador said the Ajegunle Chiefs Association is a very good association that is mixed with egg-head personalities that think for progress of Ajegunle community and beyond.

Chief Ikechukwu Echebiri, Financial Secretary of the association said ACA is a noble association whose goals to help humanity to the core.

General Reuben Timinipre,the association secretary added that ACA is full of great minds and coming together as one body to promote humanity is the best thing in life.

The four headmistresses of the Ajegunle schools visited by Ajegunle Chiefs Association commended the humanitarian services extended to their schools. We are indeed grateful for this gesture and we are pleading for you people to continue to help our schools.

The highlight of the event was giving out 500 branded bags, 250 biros and 500 notebooks to schools in Ajegunle, conferment of chieftaincy title to Mr. Godwin Sani and marking the New Year with humanitarian focus. Guests and members were served with different assorted drinks and expensive foods. The grand finale was held at the association secretariat.

Special guests and members in attendance were; representative of Hon.Kolawole Taiwo(HKT) member representing Ajeromi-Ifelodun Federal constituency,Hon.Uche Casmir Amagba and Hon.Akinpelu Sherriff, special advisers on education to the Executive Chairman of Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government Area of Lagos State,Hon.Fatai Ayoola and ACA friends.Ajegunle Chiefs Association, Henry Emamayie(Gen.Henry),Abidemi Osilesi(Gen.Bidemi),Fred Odita(Bobajiroro),Peter Madueke(Gen.Paris),Tunde Alapini(Bobaguwa),Edmond Okoro(Gen.Murphy),John Nwokolo(Gen.Ogun John),Sani Saidi(Osupa),Echebiri Ikechukwu(Asoju Oba),Frank Eborka(Baba Isale),Olorogun John Aseimo(Dadday Showkey),Amun Rilwan(Baba Oba),John James(Gen.Don Dada),Chukwudi Agu(Gen.Abj),Vincent Chinedu(Gen.Vincent),Sylvester Nmezi(Udumiri),Reuben Timinipre(Gen.Reuben),Chief Shola Akingbade,National leader of ACA,Chief Ifeanyi Jema,Don Kefe(Olori Ebi),Chief Adimule(ACA UK),Chief Jagunmole(ACA USA),Ben Ossai(Banire),Shaibu Mohammed(Dangote),Chief Michael Ubogu(ACA BOT),Ededuan Daniel(Soccer Ambassador) and others.          


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