Alhaji Boladek@51:A Daring Entrepreneur with Golden Heart

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Alhaji Boladek



Exactly, August 10, 2019, Alhaji Rasheed Bola Adekunle,the Lagos-Kwara based entrepreneur and Managing Director of Boladek Global Investments Nigeria Limited, popularly called by friends and followers as’Boladek’ marked his 51st birthday in absence. His facebook page was full of comments and likes wishing the great grassroots entrepreneur whose entire life beginning was made up from Ajegunle city till date.

For the past 6years ago, I came in contact with him through my best friend and brother, Mr.Richard Okolosi, the ace media promoter; our friendship has been professionally cordial.

Your 2019 Hajj tour to appreciate God’s presence in your life shows you were born to help humanity.

Alhaji Boladek was born 51 years ago to a humble family from Kwara State but grew up his business from nothing to prominence. In the lottery business in Africa, Boladek is a stakeholder that has creatively puts his name in the history books of legacy.

As a happy family man that knows the value of providing and educating his children, Boladek has become a role model to many youths in Ajegunle and Kwara State.

With the torrents of comments on his

 Facebook page shows his magnanimous love for humanity in Ajegunle.His humility among friends and business partners are worthy of emulation to the core.

At 51, God has marvelously done great things in his life, contentment has become his bond.

Once again, happy birthday to a man that knows the power of entrepreneurial leadership in creating job opportunities for the youths and adults in Africa.










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