Always Acknowledge The Good People Did For You, Says Dr Success

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Always Acknowledge The Good People Did For You, Says Dr Success

Dr Success Samuel Haruna

The Nigerian preacher cum grassroots philanthropist, Dr Success Samuel Haruna, founder of the House of Bliss International Church, emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and gratitude in relationships.

In a recent sermon, he urged African Christians and preachers to remember the kindness shown to them while building connections. Dr Haruna stressed that while people may offend us, holding onto grudges only hinders progress. He advocates for a heart that values the good deeds of others, as it paves the way for personal growth and fruitful relationships.

Dr Success emphasizes the importance of focusing on the good that people do for us, rather than dwelling on the negative. By shifting our perspective to appreciate the kindness and support we receive from others, we can cultivate a more positive and grateful mindset. This approach not only fosters stronger relationships but also contributes to our personal growth and well-being. Choosing to acknowledge and value the positive actions of those around us can lead to a more fulfilling and enriching life experience.


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