Ambassador Obitex Rewarding H2i Hardworking Members with Multiple gifts in Africa

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“The growth of every business determines the kind of team being formed by the CEO or MD”-Godday Odidi

Helping Hands International Concept Limited (H2i) is one of the fastest growing networking businesses in Africa providing humanitarian services and skills acquisitions to people for the past four years.

H2i came into Nigeria when other networking businesses were at the mercy of God but Ambassador Obioma Ngoka Emmanuel and his beloved wife Mrs.Ifeoma Ngoka saw light in the tunnel and decided to put extra effort to make it reality for Nigerians and other neighboring Africans.

Today, H2i is not just growing astronomically but creating new entrepreneurs through skills acquisitions and humanitarian services. With the mammoth crowd that attended the 4th Nigeria mega car award recently in Lagos, shows that Ambassador Obitex is not just hardworking but making networking business attractive among its members with residual income.

Despite the desperate elements who once benefitted from H2i organization but decided to act preposterously to run down the organization which was narrowly delivered by God through the prayers of H2i faithful members? Ambassador Obitex must be commended for expanding the NGO to other African countries with his members.

No matter the challenge and government unfriendly policies on networking business in Africa, H2i has come to stay and its expansion continues to attract members across the globe.

According to Ambassador Obitex, H2i remains number one Africa networking business that is reliable and trusted. Its innovative strategy to infuse 21st century networking business and brings empowerment programmes to the doorstep of the poor in Africa. Nigerians are hardworking people always taking full control of every business opportunity advertise to them. In this NGO, we don’t swindle people of their money rather teach members about networking techniques to be winners of H2i gifts.

In all, H2i has remained committed to visible humanitarian and philanthropic services in Africa. Ambassador Obitex’s creativity and generosity is being reechoed in the sands of time.





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