An Explosive HolyGhost Fire Night with Bishop Leonard Umunna

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Bishop Umunna



Exactly 11pm on Good Friday Night when Bible Life Church Cathedral (BLCC) commenced its explosive HolyGhost fire night with BLCC dedicated prayer warriors and praise and worship team that officially welcomed the Holy Spirit to fill the worshippers and guests in attendance.

It was an explosive night of words of wisdom presentation by BLCC young lads and lasses who brought creativity to bear at the programme with much zeal for God’s work.

The presenter of the programme in person of Mrs.Eunice Akhigbe made the night a joyous moment for worshippers and guests to see the glory of God upon Bishop Leonard Umunna, who had never seen defeat for the past 54 years on the pulpit.

As the programme progressed from one stage to another with members testifying the awesome miracles of God in Bible Life Church Cathedral, worshippers and guests fell into the anointing of the servant of God as he officially opened the programme with prayers and praises to welcome the Lord Jesus Christ into the lives of worshippers and guests.

The kingdom assignment with Bishop Umunna began with the topic of the night “Is your name registered in the book of the spirit”? As he took his scriptural references from Matthew 12:26 and Revelation 20:12 and he deeply revealed the misery behind the topic on how the spirit works in a Christian life.

Little did many know that it was a topic to expose the kingdom of darkness on assignment to Bible Life Church Cathedral and to attack the man of God personally but the Holy Spirit arrested that mission in a disgraceful way?

Bishop Leonard Umunna focused on why children of God must be born again in this period of Easter celebration and the need for Christians to know the importance of resurrection of Jesus Christ. He offered some spirit-filled prayer points to worshippers and guests and advised them to work for their salvation and ended that section with awesome miracles.

It was another section with Bishop Leonard Umunna to supervise the BLCC prayer warriors, head and branch ministers to pray for each worshipper that attended the programme. This section of ministers of God was carefully selected by Bishop Leonard Umunna who saw the need for only ministers that are spiritually equipped to handle this section never made a mistake.

“As the atmosphere of the church was filled with the HolyGhost, demons on mission were exposed and while deliverance took place in a magnitude among worshippers and guests who saw live miracles with joy”.

According to one of the congregational guests that was delivered of marine powers on mission to attack Bishop Umunna, whose name was withheld said she has sixteen different kinds of demons on her to attack churches and pastors in Ajegunle, unfortunately her mission to BLCC was halted by three special guiding angels of Bishop Leonard Umunna.I have destroyed six churches with my powers but this church overpowered by mission to attack the children of God in BLCC.

Bishop Umunna used the opportunity to let the congregation know that the said confessional guest has totally be delivered from the marine powers and there will be a follow-up on her to get her total salvation in life, he promised.  







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