Apart from Philanthropic Works, Sir.Jerry Wanodi is a Good Compere with Capacity

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Sir.Jerry Wanodi



“The gift of a man will always make a way for those that have passion for career discovery and exploit”-Godday Odidi


Precisely, two years ago, I attended Bishop Isaac Idahosa’s 52nd birthday bash, presiding Bishop of Godfirst Ministries International, aka Illumination Assembly as one of the online media personalities at the event.

Little did I know much about the philanthropic and humanitarian works of Sir.Jerry Wanodi,Aliche Ishimini 1 of Ozuaha Kingdom of Rivers State and  President/Chairman of Porsche Oil Group of Companies.

Sir. Jerry Wanodi and Mrs.Moji anchored the event in a high professional level which I thought the former was just a guest compere for the event.

What actually motivated me to have passion to be promoting the philanthropic works of Sir.Wanodi was that both comperes also donated towards the book launch of Bishop Isaac Idahosa.

Though, I was not really familiar with the members of Illumination Assembly except Bishop Isaac Idahosa and I found it difficult to get details of this noble personality with greatness tucked in him.

In Mindset Media Limited/Gabriovoice.com our core values to promote creative entrepreneurs,philanthropists,clergies and other professionals that take integrity as their first port of call in life.

Bishop Isaac Idahosa is one of the clergies in Africa that values the power of print, electronic and social media in growing vibrant church with capacity.

Sir. Jerry Wanodi anchored the event alongside with Mrs.Moji with legendary inputs in life in 2017 at the church headquarters Addo-Badore, Lekki-Ajah, Lagos.

One tangible legacy I discovered recently from Sir. Jerry Wanodi is that he loves worshipping God and celebrating his spiritual father in life (Bishop Isaac Idahosa) always.

I picked a comment from one of the posts where the poster told Sir.Jerry Wanodi to go for governorship aspiration in Rivers State in 2023.He has great political and community presence in his state. He is always passionate about electing quality leaders to power. He remains a young oil and gas magnate with innovative knowledge in business.  





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