Apostle Success Haruna(PhD):A Preacher With The Heart Of Gold

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Apostle Success Haruna(PhD):A Preacher With The Heart Of Gold

Apostle Success Haruna

Apostle Success Samuel Haruna, founder of the House of Bliss International Church, is a renowned minister of God who possesses a deep understanding of the pulpit.

His commitment to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and his dedication to philanthropy have made him a beacon of hope for many. In a recent sermon on Praising God, Apostle Success emphasized the importance of good praises in attracting God’s favor to believers.

His global reach as a preacher is a testament to his love for humanity and his unwavering faith in God. Gifted in prophecy and delivering the undiluted word of God, Apostle Success Haruna’s messages, which can be found on his Facebook page and YouTube channel, are filled with spiritual richness. Rather than engaging in criticism of fellow preachers, Apostle Success remains focused on spreading the divine teachings of God.


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