Austin Arah: A Philanthropist with Appreciative Mindset in Entrepreneurial Leadership

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Chief Arah Austin



“Great people are known for their appreciative grace in them”-Godday Odidi


Lately, Last week I got a Whatsapp message from Mr.Enifome Donatus Emesakoru, one of the fast-rising Isoko-Abuja based writers who spoke to me on High Chief Austin Michael Arah,Ubiako-Eni 1 of Ozoro Kingdom,Managing Director of Firstchoice Properties Limited that he did appreciate all my good write ups on him by Media Limited

We chatted on Whatsapp and he told me that Chief Austin Arah told him that I have never requested money to publish his personality achievements on the social media platform or blog.

I picked some few words from Mr.Enifome Donatus Emesakoru that every great beginning has a positive result if consistency and focus is put in place as a legacy writer in life. He told me that Chief Austin Arah will call any moment that he has given my contact to him.

On Thursday 30th,2019 at about 10:30pm,I received a call from Chief Austin Arah commending the good works of Mindset Media Limited/ on him.

At the phone conversation, I saw humility, love and tenacity of purpose in him and he told me to reach him at anytime. I was elated receiving a call from such creative world-class property merchant in Africa.

I took my time to go through all the birthday comments of my facebook page and Mr.Enifome Donatus Emesakoru’s facebook page on Chief Austin Arah.All comments tailored on philanthropic and humanitarian legacies of this great Isoko-Abuja based property magnate.

One of the comments on my facebook page said “I once met Chief Austin Arah at a shopping mall and he offered me some financial assistance without knowing me”. I was emotionally moved by such admirable comment.

Before his call came to me, I had made several inquiries on his personality from Ozoro people in Lagos and Abuja and I was told that Chief Austin Arah is a good man to the core. That recommendation alone made me to be writing about his entrepreneurial leadership in Africa always.

As a young man that promotes verifiable legacies in Africa, I went into another deep personality research on Chief Austin Arah; I also realized that he was one of the prominent philanthropists in Nigeria that rescued the country from the huge foreign debts few years ago.

He is a man that has passion for lucrative businesses in Africa which has earned him many accolades and awards across the globe. He has contributed largely to community works and housing development in Africa. He is a man with free heart for humanity.







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