Austin Arah: A Serial Entrepreneur with Love for Humanity and Community Development

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“Greatness starts from your reasoning faculty”-Godday Odidi


In 2019 Global Mindset Media Achievers Excellence Awards, High Chief Austin Arah,Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Firstchoice Group of Companies was duly nominated for the philanthropic legacy on numerous achievements on humanitarian services, youth employment and entrepreneurship.

His entrepreneurial greatness in property development is second to none in Africa.

With the torrents of comments from readers on his facebook page shows Chief Austin Arah, the renowned property merchant who is based in Abuja has greatly impacted people in humanity and job creation.

Firstchoice group of companies is one of the biggest companies providing affordable housing units for Nigerians.

As a trained resource person who speaks in local and international creative platforms on entrepreneurial development, he knows what it takes to provide affordable housing units to all Nigerians.

He knows his onions in the property business and today, he has received many accolades, honours, awards and medals all over the world.

In spite of the harsh economic situation at present in Nigeria, Austin Arah is still growing geometrically to see that Firstchoice group of companies is globally reputed.

He is loved by his community for providing humanitarian services to the poor.

His drive for business growth and development is legendary to the core. He has built many business empires that can keep his legacies flowing from generations to generations.



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