Award is to Spur Individual to Work hard in Life Says Bishop Umunna

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Bishop Umunna in group photo
Bishop Umunna receiving award from the Commoners Newspaper
Bishop Umunna with Ajegunle award team



Presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral (BLCC), Bishop Leonard Umunna has advised Nigerians especially the entrepreneurs and leaders to work hard and always see awards as means of spurring them to push forward in life, adding that, everything we do on earth, there are people destined to watch us for commendations.

Speaking to some journalists in his office after receiving another meritorious award from A.J Annual Award Committee led by Hon.M Lawal and his team, Bishop Umunna said, I have been receiving different awards from many organizations both Nigeria and abroad since I was called into the kingdom of God. I did not want to receive any award again because God has elevated me in all ramifications and I want God to continue to elevate my members for more awards in life, he added.

Hon.M.Lawal, project co-ordinator, said Bishop Leonard Umunna has physically and spiritually affected humanity over the years. We did not come here to just give our bishop award for monetary gains but to appreciate his good works for Ajegunle people.Ajegunle Annual Award Committee is an organization that is created to give excellent recognitions to people that deserve it.



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