Babatunde Alapini: Happy Birthday to an Enigma of Humility and Simplicity

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Chief Babatunde Alapini



“Age is just number of years on earth but fulfillment of destiny is divine”-Godday Odidi

Professor Eugene Rustow once remarked that the greatest force in life is the image and example of a good man. This statement captures the age of Chief Babatunde Alapini,a young renowned South-West marketing strategist, silent philanthropist and maritime expert whose technocratic inputs in his present-day company has added economic value to human capacity development over the years.

Loaded with honour, humility and enshrined in public esteem, this placid, imperturbable avatar of human decency does not need anyone to burnish his image in flowery words. His simple lifestyle speaks for more eloquently than any words of our remarkable man and legacy of hope, love and strength he continues to exhibit among friends and colleagues in his workplace. He has continue to live a life that be appropriately described as a template of human decency.

For the past forty-something years on earth, Babatunde Alapini whose rich background also helped him in life to secure a better employment through his elder brother, Rtd IGP, Chief Alapini as an IT student to real paid employment where he oversaw one of the competitive departments in Dangote company then.

One thing that has over the years distinguished Alapini from his peer groups is faithfulness and kindness to God, geninue concern for fellow human beings and love for family. As the present Executive Director, logistics and distribution of Micura Services Limited, Tunde Alapini has exhibited servitude and humility in Micura Services limited. His countless and unquantifiable contribution to Micura growth remains legendary in the sands of time.

The sky is the just a beginning for a man that believes in adding value to anywhere he finds himself and always exhibiting in-born trait in managerial discipline to better his organization. Chief Michael Ubogu has become his role model when it comes to humanitarian and philanthropic legacies in Africa. His simplicity and humility is unparalleled to the core.

Once again, happy birthday sir, May God bless your new age in Jesus name Amen.


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