BB Idahosa:The Prophet Behind Dreamland of Grace Ministries International in Zambia

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Prophet BB Idahosa



“Every gift from God will always pave way for a man if it is used creatively according to the command of the Lord”-Godday odidi


My first conversation with Prophet BB Idahosa via online yesterday convinced me that, he is one of the Nigerian men of God abroad that appreciates good works of the media.

Having critically studied his ministerial works in Zambia for a while and also knowing him through Bishop Isaac Idahosa, his style of ministerial leadership and zealous entrepreneurship shows his commitment to humanity and love for growing the kingdom of God to heaven.

As a trained theological scholar with ministerial pedigree and his knack for business growth is worthy of emulation to the core.

Prophet BB Idahosa is gradually taking Dreamland of Grace Ministries International to a new level in Zambia.

“Nobody that attends Dreamland of Grace Ministries International through the ‘Commanding Commander CRS’ without testifying the goodness of God in their lives.”

It is a ministry of prophetic deliverance and salvation where undiluted word of God is being taught by Prophet BB Idahosa.

One thing about this humble servant of God is humility displays among old God’s generals before him over the years. He is a man of God with good heart for humanity.



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