Bishop Idahosa Receives Expensive Car Gift for Birthday Bash

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Bishop Idahosa

Prays for the exponential growth of the anonymous giver


The presiding Bishop of Godfirst Ministries International aka illumination Assembly and multiple award-winning gospel writer, Bishop Isaac Idahosa today, received an expensive limousine car gift for his birthday bash from an anonymous faithful giver.

Bishop Isaac Idahosa who could not hide his joy of this new expensive automobile seen sharing the car gift on his facebook timeline and other social media platforms for friends and members to celebrate with him.

While speaking to the editor of via online, Bishop Isaac Idahosa said, he never expected any car gift on his just celebrated birthday bash that was held on the 3rd of March,2019 at the church headquarters. I have been receiving many magnanimous gifts from sons and daughters in the Lord over the years but this gift is awesome to me.

Giving is part of my life in ministry and I’m always preaching giving to my members and non-members over the years. When you give bountifully, God has a way of rewarding you awesomely in all ramifications.

I pray that the anonymous giver will continue to increase in all his endeavours in life, nobody that gives a man of God genuinely will lack in life. I preach what I practice as a serial giver in the ministry works, he said.



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