Bishop Isaac Idahosa Reveals the Awesome Power of God in Liberia

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For the past few days at Monrovia in Liberia, Mount Carmel, God awesomely used Bishop Isaac Idahosa,the presiding Bishop of Godfirst Ministries International aka Illumination Assembly to set many free from the captivity of the oppressors.

Over time, Bishop Isaac Idahosa has devoted much time internationally in preaching the word of God in populating the kingdom of heaven.

He has gained much international attention through his awesome gift of prophecy and deliverance over the years. Liberia people would not forget Bishop Isaac Idahosa in hurry for God using him to transport light to the country.

The overwhelming testimonies that greeted the programme saw the host of Bishop Isaac Idahosa receiving another power of grace in doing great things for God. He remains a man of God that helps other men of God to shine in life.


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