Bishop Isaac Idahosa:A Workaholic Preacher on International Mission for Kingdom Expansion

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Bishop Isaac Idahosa


“Great preachers pursue kingdom expansion on earth”-Godday Odidi

 Since the beginning of 2019, Bishop Isaac Idahosa, presiding Bishop of Godfirst Ministries International aka Illumination Assembly and multiple award-winning firebrand preacher of the 21st century has been globe-trotting from one country to another for kingdom expansion and crusade ministration.

For the past 6years, I came closer to him, reporting his good works and ministerial expansion on Mindset platform has been my divine mandate on earth, hardly; Bishop Isaac Idahosa stays in Nigeria for two weeks without being invited to speak in one ministerial conference or the other.

The Bible says the gift of a man will make a way for him that is what is presently happening in the life of Bishop Isaac Idahosa who has decided to stay focus in God’s kingdom despite of some skeptical criticisms that has greeted his calling over the years.

He is reputed in speaking internationally and locally where many young generational prophets and pastors take him as their spiritual father that teaches ministers to fly in ministry.

His 54th birthday bash recently indicated how crème da la crème of guests came to honour one man of God that has graciously devoted his precious time for humanity and kingdom expansion over the years.

One thing that has helped Bishop Isaac Idahosa growing bigger, richer and wealthier in ministry is humility and love for young ones to grow in God’s works.

His recent titled book ‘Don’t jump up, grow up’! It is a book that opens the minds of young preachers to learn the rudiments of ministry and how greatness is appreciated if patience is taken into cognizance.

The Edo-born preacher knows the power of connecting to the right people that have corresponding future together both in politics and religion. He remains one of the Nigeria-based international preachers that has been touring different international churches and conferences and his own ministry in Nigeria keeps waxing stronger with the support of his beloved wife and faithful members. He is a voice that cannot be ignored in this era of ministry works in Africa.   





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