Bishop Leonard Umunna: 63 Things about This Amazing Clergy of Our Time

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“Legacies are created by Human beings not Animals”.-Godday Odidi

 By June 25th,2017,Bishop(Prof)Leonard Nwaoma Umunna of Imo State will be marking his 63rd birthday bash on earth. He is one of the old generational preachers in Ajegunle that believes strongly on the undiluted word of God. There are 63 things about this Lordship of our time.

  1. Bishop Leonard Umunna got born-again at the age of 9.
  2. He is a philanthropist with extraordinary legacies.
  3. He is an author of repute.
  4. He is a creative speaker with distinction.
  5. Bishop Umunna is a father of church drama in Africa.
  6. He is humble.
  7. He is dedicated to God’s assignment.
  8. He is neat.
  9. He is a bible scholar.
  10. He is a teacher of the word of God.
  11. He is an educationist.
  12. He is a Christian entrepreneur.
  13. He is an evangelist.
  14. He is a salvational preacher with love for heavenly blessings.
  15. He is a good church administrator.
  16. He is a role model.
  17. He is a singer of the gospel.
  18. Bishop Umunna is a man with his words.
  19. He is a Gospel film producer.
  20. He is an actor with passion.
  21. He is a dancer.
  22. Bishop Umunna is a multiple award-winning preacher.
  23. He is a televangist.
  24. He has never seen defeat in his life as a minister of God.
  25. He is bold.
  26. He is a counselor.
  27. He is a holiness preacher.
  28. A clergy with innovative mindset.
  29. He is a detribalized minister of God.
  30. He runs a transparent church.
  31. He has written over 15 books and uncountable Audio and Video CDs on his messages.
  32. He is a father of 6 children and many grandchildren.
  33. He is a sports supporter.
  34. He is a talent trainer.
  35. He is a digital preacher.
  36. He is a mentor of many ministers of God in Nigeria.
  37. Bishop Umunna is a trusted clergy of our time.
  38. He has travelled far and wide in preaching gospel of Christ to both believers and unbelievers.
  39. He is a public figure.
  40. He is a public affairs analyst.
  41. He introduced free education to many Ajegunle pupils and students.
  42. He is committed to the gospel.
  43. He is a legend.
  44. He is a clergy with knowledge.
  45. Bishop Umunna is one of the first clergies to own a church camp in Ajegunle.
  46. He has compassion for the poor.
  47. He is a clergy of many professional bodies.
  48. He is man of the media.
  49. He is a man of wisdom.
  50. He is intelligent.
  51. He has over 30 branches across the globe.
  52. He is a motivator.
  53. His yearly prophecies on Nigerian leadership are accurate to the core.
  54. He is a bridge-builder.
  55. He is a clergy that celebrates peoples’ successes in all ramifications.
  56. He does not speak against fellow pastors in Nigeria.
  57. He treats his biological children equally as his members.
  58. He loves good gospel music.
  59. He is a leader of thought.
  60. He is a man of honour.
  61. He cares about his flock.
  62. He is contented.
  63. He is not a penny-pinching clergy.
  64. He is quintessence of ideas in the kingdom of God.

Happy birthday in advance sir!










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