Bishop Leonard Umunna: A Clergy with Good Heart for Media Evangelism in Africa

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Bishop Leonard Umunna



“Heaven is preserved for those that serve God diligently to the end”-Godday Odidi


The recent street evangelism of one of the richest Nigeria automobile dealers, Mr.Cosmas Maduka, CEO Cocharis Motors that greeted the social media was not different from the regular messages of Bishop Leonard Umunna,presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral(BLCC) on heavenly kingdom that does not differentiate between the rich and the poor.

In Nigeria, it is strange to see a wealthy man or woman preaching on the street but God does not look at the personality on the last day.

In Ajegunle today, Bishop Leonard Umunna is the only clergy that knows the value of using print, electronic and social media to reach out the word of God to both believers and unbelievers.

Ajegunle ministries are not in the mainstream media except Bible Life Church Cathedral that has been using all media platforms to preach the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Over the years, Bishop Leonard Umunna has been consistent in using the media globally to win souls for Christ and training vibrant soldiers for Christ through creative drama episodes and others. He has greatly impacted many lives with his undiluted word of God.










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