Bishop Leonard Umunna: A Consistent Preacher with Difference

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Bishop Umunna


“We have many preachers but few dedicated ones on earth”-Godday Odidi

Having watched many of these old-time gospel preachers on several media platforms preached, I discovered that there is a special calling God gave to these God-generals that many new God-generals of ours are yet to comprehend with.

Their styles of ministration are quite different from our new generational preachers in Africa. Bishop Leonard Umunna is one indefatigable clergy that has been consistent in preaching holiness and righteousness in his congregation.

These sets of old-time clergies have continued to do the needful to savage the gospel of Christ over the years. His kind of messages are centered on end-time, that is your life has a Christian can be cut short if your ways are not right with God.

This fiery preacher is more of reaching out his undiluted message to those that are ready to receive Christ without going back to sin. No matter, the mammoth crowd he controls as a general overseer that does not make him not to speak the right word to his congregation.

His consistency in God’s kingdom assignment cannot be taken for granted over the years. He prefers to spend more time in the gospel than living ostentatious lifestyle to intimidate other fellow clergies in Africa. He is not carried away by the largesse of this world but rather wants to live and die with the gospel of Christ in Nigeria and Africa.

He is one of the clergies in Nigeria who has not given up to fierce persecution but rather forging ahead in the gospel of Christ to make heaven. He remains a preacher with good heart for the gospel of Christ.



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