Bishop Leonard Umunna: A Contented Man of God with Humility

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Bishop Leonard Umunna: A Contented Man of God with Humility


“Humility leads to Greatness”-Godday Odidi

Bishop Leonard Umunna is one of the household name God’s generals in Nigeria and Africa whose spiritual and physical legacies are worthy of emulation to the core over the years.

For those that are not close with Bishop Leonard Umunna by birth or not might think, one of the fast-growing social medium platforms just blowing his legacies out of proportion but the fact remains that he has impacted lives positively in all ramifications.

Ajegunle history cannot be completed without mentioning Bishop Leonard Umunna as one of those that brought undiluted gospel of Jesus Christ to the grassroots through vivacious medium platform in Ajegunle.

When it comes to philanthropic development and ministerial humility, Bishop Umunna is one amongst the best in Nigeria. He values talent and knows how to harness it to limitless opportunities. If you attends Bible Life Church Cathedral as a full-fledged member, your life still remains static, you need serious deliverance in life. He has every embodiment of good Christian values to take faithful believers to heaven.

According to Bishop Umunna, to be great in life, you need to be humble as a person to any constituted authority. Humility is the key to success in life. God has never allowed me to see defeat in my life and I remain faithful in all my doings in life.

Again, contentment is the second name of our Lordship whose integrity in ministry cannot be faulted in recent past years. Bishop Umunna is a man after God’s heart.He remains devoted preacher with extraordinary legacies in life and ministry.



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