Bishop Leonard Umunna: A Listening Clergy with Golden Heart

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Bishop Leonard Umunna


“Real men in life speak with one mind and one voice in public leadership”-Godday Odidi

For the past 5 years ago, I started promoting some of the Nigerian clergies on my medium platform, the presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral, Bishop Leonard Umunna is one man of God in Africa that speak with one mindset and has a listening ears to his congregation.

Bishop Leonard Umunna is one clergy that keeps to his word and always ready to provide humanitarian and philanthropic services to people around him.

According to Bishop Umunna, nobody has the monopoly of knowledge in life. You must welcome new ideology from the Holy Spirit to grow your ministry as a clergy.

By June 25th, 2018, Bishop Leonard Umunna will be 64 years on earth but still energetic in pursuing the things of God in life. He believes that there is joy in serving God with excellent spirit.

His golden heart in ministry and business has endeared him much respect among young and old clergies across Africa.

Again, Bishop Umunna allows both young and old members of his church to exhibit their in-born talents in any dramatic event of the church. He remains a man of God with golden heart for ministerial greatness.



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