Bishop Leonard Umunna: A man of God with Extraordinary Exploits for Humanity

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“Giving is a gift”-Godday Odidi


Before five years ago when I became one of the divine media promoters of Bishop Leonard Umunna, senior pastor and presiding bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral(BLCC) and multiple award-winning clergy, his good works of humanity has been positively projected to me as a media entrepreneur then.

As the news of his good works spread to me, I decided to take my apple time to study some of the good works; little I did know that God sent Bishop Leonard Umunna to liberate Ajegunle dwellers from captives and bring philanthropic legacies to the city.

As a renowned clergy whose humanitarian inputs has brought economic freedom to Christians across the globe. He is a man of God that believes in legacy ministry not material pursuit of this world.

Apart from his pulpit calling, Bishop Leonard Umunna is one man of God that has love for the poor and ready to share his blessings to everyone around him.

One thing I love about this gifted clergy of our time his flexible equanimity of helping humanity without any second thought. He is a renowned gospel voice in Africa that cannot be ignored and remain resolute to heavenly pursuit in life.

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